Do you carry ID when out running?

Up to now I have only carried my park run card (has my name and if real emergency Police would be able to access details I am sure) as I don't like carrying lots of things when I'm out running. If on my own I do have my phone but it is locked so no-one would be able to access the ICE emergency details. Dur!!! But I take it in case I trip etc and need to phone for a lift home. Maybe I need to rethink locking my phone!

However, I had heard about little tags you can get to tie to shoes laces with name / ICE deatils but never got round to doing anything. So when my local running club recommended I thought I'd take a look. I've now ordered a for each pair of trainers. Take a look, they look fab


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12 Replies

  • Thanks for the heads up Ali I had heard of these but never got around to getting some but will now. It is sensible for us all to stay safe we owe it to ourselves and our families.

  • Thanks, I'm going to order these, what a good idea

  • What phone do you have? on Blackberry you can make it so that it's still possible to make calls when the phone's locked - this means people can call ICE easily.

  • I have an iPhone. You can make an emergency call (999) whilst it's locked but that's it (unless someone tells me otherwise).

    Reason phone is locked so if lost / stolen others can't run up phone bills on my behalf.

  • Fair enough - What you can do, especially if you have a case on your phone, is put a slip of paper with emergency details between the phone and the case.

  • What a great idea, I've often thought 'What if...' when I've been out as I don't carry ID at all when I'm running.

    Actually you could make something pretty easily yourself, info on a piece of paper, laminate it and cut to size, punch in hole, attach to whatever. I'm off to try, nice one, Ali, thanks for the tip!

  • too lazy to try blue peter type laminating this sunday so ordered the tags :)

  • When I was half way through the c25k i foolish wandered out into the road at a crossingwithout realising whilst gasping for breath! Luckily for me the boy racer that choose that moment to come flying around the bend at at least 40 swerved around me giving me a loud beep! All I had on me were my carkeys and mp3 player. It made me realised know one would know who i was is something happened.

    I promptly order some icetags from this website with contact details for my relatives on. I also got my parkrun barcode printed on it but its kind of worn off and didnt work when I went to my first park run. I think its a good thing to have though

  • Like you, I don't want to carry things when running. Usually, all I have is my iPod nano (which I wear as a watch in a LunaTik band), with the headphone cord running up my sleeve and out the top of my shirt.

    That's it. (Well, except for shirt, shorts, shoes, socks, specs, of course!) No wallet, no ID, no keys, no phone. I would be a mugger's nightmare, though the iPod itself wouldn't be a bad haul.

    May look into these tags, though. Just on the off chance, y'know? Thanks for posting!

  • Genius post thanks x

  • It's only taken me 10 months to get organised!!!,

  • This is a great idea...I bought a thingy that looks like a 70s sweatband (not fuzzy!) that has a zipper on it to wear on my wrist that can hold a key, id and a bit of cash (hey there has got to be some reward after a run) but I like the idea of the tag things much better! hopefully I can find a site that has those in US