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What do you carry your phone etc in while running?

Hi All

I'm wondering what other folk use to carry their stuff in while running and could use some suggestions.

I need to have my phone, keys and inhaler with me.

I currently use a karrimor x lite waist pack but it's too big.

A lot of folk use arm bands but what then do you do with the inhaler?

Any suggestions?


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I've got a Nike 'running belt' which has my phone and keys, it'd probably fit an inhaler too just about. It's a bit like one of those belts you can get for travelling to put your money in. I think karrimor do one too actually...

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Get a Large Spibelt as this will fit a large i-phone, keys and your inhaler - the belt is elasticated and can be adjusted. You need to wear it pretty snug so it doesn't move around. There are a few cheaper imitations around but don't get anywhere near the good reviews of the 'proper' one. I have just got one as I was relying on an armband which was fine (I don't have an inhaler) but was starting to rub my arm in the warmer weather.

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I got this waist pack recently, it's really good! I reckon all your stuff would fit in it, my phone's a Nexus 5, size 7.2x14.7 cm (for comparison).


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Oops, sorry, I just checked and the phone's not quite so big - more like 6.7x13.7 cm

I use my Nathan stretchy waist belt for my phone, mp3 on my armband and keys in the little zippy pocket in the waistband of my running leggings.

I carry water in one of those donut shaped bottles for the warm down walk.

Not sure I would feel confident carrying my phone in an armband in case it got dropped somehow...

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I'm usually able to get doorkey and small phone in my pocket. You can get a running belt that takes it all including a fitting with water bottle/s for the warmer weather or then there's​ a back pack that takes everything including the kitchen sink!😊

for half hour runs i just carry everything in my hand.

Whilst carrying a DSLR on a selfie stick in the other hand.

My running suffers but I have forearms like Popeye now.

When running around the doors, I just carry my phone in an armband and ocassionally a house key, if I'm the only one home. I don't listen to music, as I prefer to run amongst the backdrop of tweeting birds and rustling trees.

If running further afield, such as the beach, I'll carry my phone, car keys and a small amount of money in my running belt

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I've got a cheaper version of a 'flipbelt' which I got on amazon which sits around my hips. I can fit my Samsung phone, car keys, inhaler and the all important jelly babies on longer runs and hardly know it's there.

It was this one amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01H0F...

Salomon have a good belt with water bottle and pockets for smaller items. They're designed for hiking but work well on a run especially as the weather gets hotter. Their running gear always seems to have a pocket in too including their tops which are ideal for keys and inhalers.

I use a RooSport. Its a magnetic pocket and it works really well. I usually forget I have it on.

I use a bum bag

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