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Quarantine what do you do when you can't run outside?

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I'm having to quarantine myself after coming back to the UK, I've managed to get to my tenth consolidation run and today should've been a run day, my first double rest day in weeks.

I've got to a point where I no longer have knee problems or niggles during a run and even after when they used to lock and hurt on the warm down, this no longer happens. I really don't want to lose the new strength and conditioning my legs and knees have developed.

I've got the smallest garden, what can I do? Can I jog on the spot? (this might destroy my soul with bored.) Is skipping a good alternative? What can I do?

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Running on the spot will be better than nothing, but the lack of push off won’t use the muscles in the same way, and so won’t condition them to running forwards. There’s lots of strengthening work you can do to keep the injury risk down when you’re back outside, and then there’s indoor cardio routines aplenty online to keep that side of the fitness rising nicely. You won’t lose any of your running legs in two weeks, and you’ll probably appreciate fresh legs when you next venture out.

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f1madmanGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks I'll have a look at exercises I can do indoors.

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Jogging on the spot and skipping are both great options.

If you have a static exercise bike, use that. Or buy a cheap 2nd hand one ASAP.

Do NOT do what I did during TOTAL lockdown in Spain - running around a small terrace for 1 hour at a time. My knee wasnt used to all the turning... I got injured eventually. Strained knee ligaments, inflamed bursa... 12 weeks and 1 steroid injection later I am finally on my 4th comeback in the last 15 months.

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f1madmanGraduate in reply to John_W

Ouch! I'll definitely avoid doing that then.

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I suppose the ideal the ideal would be to get a treadmill ! But not everyone can afford that. But I reckon a good alternative would be to put on some good music and energetically dance for the period you normally have run. A great mood enhancer - and good confidence builder to loose inhibitions - as well as aerobic exercise!

You could rent a treadmill, though I understand demand is high!

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I feel your pain, I am currently having to do 14 days before my husband's op and 14 days after. I am running around the ground floor for 30 mins a day which includes running on the spot with a few laps of the small garden at the end just to feel like I am exercising out side followed by a work out with resistance bands to help the muscles. Good luck, I only have 10 days left now.

Have you got stairs at home? I find racing up and down is pretty good for my legs and my lungs. I do a little warm up walk up and down. Then I sprint a bit, rest a bit... just play around with it and have a bit of fun.

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I'll follow this post - I shall be returning to UK in a few weeks, and wonder the same thing. I have vertigo, so there'll be no running around a small garden, or up and down stairs for me...

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f1madmanGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

I did try jogging on the spot for a while. Me and my other half had started the "6 pack revolution" so I kept busy doing core excercises, like abs and then some HIIT training. Finally finished my quarantine yesterday and went for a slow 30 minute run, thankfully hadn't lost much condition in my legs :)

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What great news, though, that your knees are no longer giving you problems! 👍😀

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f1madmanGraduate in reply to Jools2020

Thanks Jools, yeah its been good so nice not to have any strain on them. Finally ran yesterday after 2 weeks and took it slow. The run was OK but felt some niggles afterwards, thankful I can still do the 30 minutes atleast so dont think I lost much.

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Jools2020Graduate in reply to f1madman

That’s great news, but take it steady for a while 👍 Good that your quarantine is over and you can get back out there!

I do yoga. There are a lot of exercise DVDs etc available on Amazon. Another way is to do stretches at home and also go on walks. Skipping is a good way to exercise too.

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