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What do you carry your stuff in?

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I have an old bum bag that I usually use for dog walking that I keep my stuff in.

My stuff is phone, car keys and most importantly my inhaler.

I want something smaller - I'm going to treat myself when I move on to week 3!

But what to get? Do I get an armband thing for my phone and shove my key and inhaler in my teeny tiny pocket of my trousers or do I get a smaller belt bag thingy?

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I use a running belt which has space for my iPhone and keys. It's neoprene so it's very light and waterproof. I hardly know I am wearing it - works fine for me.

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I agree with Ullyrunner - I bought a mini flat waist belt bag thingy from a sports shop as soon as I established that my bum bag bounced as much as my bum on the run :-) You'd have to get an armband for the phone too though, I think - the inhaler will take up the phone space. Good luck for week three! I do W2R3 today....

I like to run in cycling tops which have a nice pocket on the back when I have to carry stuff.

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hilbeanGraduate in reply to stevethefatjogger

Me too

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Amazon and Sport Direct do lots of running belts, they are good because they lie flat and don't bounce around. They are not cheap though. I didn't like the armband for the phone as I found it often came undone and rubbed my arm sore.

I use an old travellers money belt that was lying around the house. It's flatter and more snug than a bum bag. Hardly elegant, but it does the job.

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Any of the above will do. Just make sure it's close fitting or it will bounce when you run and possibly rub and chaff you too J good luck for your next run

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I need to get myself one too. I have used the pockets on my running leggings but my inhaler sometimes ends shoved in my bra if it's dark and I want to take my phone out with me. There is never space for both inhaler and mobile! x

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do you really need your phone....? its nice to have time without it, and whose going to stop getting that pb by answering it !! I have a tiny belt with a pocket which is good, but new running leggings have a pocket at the back - perfect for the ipod. good luck!

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UllyrunnerGraduate in reply to Yeshe

I think carrying a phone is really a safety issue. What if something untoward happens on the run - a good idea to be able to summon help. Some of the forum members have had bad experiences with injury - and one got locked in the park!

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Debih191Graduate in reply to Yeshe

My phone is for listening to my pod casts and my music. I do have an ipod shuffle that I will probably use once I have finished with the podcasts but its too much of a faff to download stuff onto it on a regular basis.

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Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to Yeshe

I think a phone is a necessity to for safety reasons, suppose I twist my ankle or something? I also have my music and Runkeeper on my phone too, bit I never use it for phone calls while running!

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I bought myself a stretchy flat belt from Amazon by the Friendly Swede. It has two zip pockets - one for my iphone (for emergencies) one for keys, or inhaler and tissues. It looks as if nothing would fit inside the pockets but it all does and is really comfy to wear - you dont know you are wearing it.

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I have a runners belt which is good but I rarely use it as the shorts I wear have two zip pockets which hold all I need. I don't bring my phone when I run though - I run with other runners on Parkrun and I run through a town when I run outdoors. I do keep a spare phone in the car though for emergencies.

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I use a y-Fumble arm band to carry my phone (I have the phone to listen to my podcasts and metronome, and also run Endomondo, but I don't use it as a phone!), and my house keys, which I have inside a phone case to stop them digging into my arm. I find this works very well indeed, and I reckon I could fit an inhaler in too if I had a larger sized arm band. The only problem is that the y-Fumble isn't waterproof, but if it's raining I just put my phone in a plastic food bag :)

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Thanks everyone - lots of ideas there.

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I use a travellers wallet that you hang round your neck inside your clothes. I am currently running using a merino wool base layer and a lightweight top, so it sits between the two layers and doesn't move around. It holds house keys, emergency cash, spare tissues, phone quite comfortably. I am not sure it will work so well when I shed the base layer, wil try a body belt.

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Ha ha, ta for reminding me. LOL

I take a key. Just the one, detached from the bunch. I still rarely tske a phone. I hate stuff but i do take a hankie

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Try this belt - I got one for christmas and love it


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Debih191Graduate in reply to sprynn

Oooo - I like the look of that!

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