Couch to 5K


Happy Xmas to Ye All!

Thought I'd get that in before my ramblings of this weeks running diary....

This week I will be mostly running 20K! In fact that's exactly how much I've run this week - two 5's and a 10. Tuesday mornings 5K was dark, wintery and horrible. I found it a big struggle and have finally come to the conclusion that the horrideousness of running so early in the morning (in my case 6.30am) is never going to subside. I know there are others that go out even earlier than me, but my body just isn't ready to run 3 miles when it's only been out of bed twenty minutes. However, that said, I DO GET UP and do it and force myself to complete each run.

Thursday was the same. In fact I was 20 seconds slower than Tuesdays 5K owing to tiredness. I'm sure working with a complete t*t at work doesn't help. He's one of those negative people who only ever sees the worst of any situation and spending 10 hours a day with such a Negative Nancy is driving me nuts. But I'm freelance and know that someday I'll shake his hand and mumble ***ker under my breath as I say goodbye to him and endeavour NEVER to work with him again! I'm sure that's the reason I'm so drained on my morning runs. But there are people in far worse situations than me and I am lucky to be earning a few quid even if it IS with a complete ar*e!!

Todays Saturday morning run was a 10K. It didn't set out to be, but in the back of my mind I knew that I could add an extra 3K on to my regular 7K route if I felt that I had the energy. It was sunny and gorgeous out and once I'd swallowed my vegetable sludge juice, I was off, announcing to Mrs Dan that I'd be at least 45 minutes - perhaps longer if I felt 10K was in my grasp.

The run was going well and as I crossed the road at Richmond Bridge to head down to the river, a lovely lady runner decked out in pink crossed at the same time. We ran parallel with each other for about 20 metres then she overtook me and headed off down the Thames path. I tried to keep up, but this woman was going some! I thought about TurboTortoises "cadence" post and wondered if she was turning over 180 bpm. She was stretching ahead of me and there was NO WAY IN HELL that I could catch up. How did she run so fast? She didn't look like a professional - ie. she wasn't all skin and bone. In fact she had a rather delicious full figure from what I could glean for the thirty seconds I was alongside her for. My pathetic male ego started to wane. Why couldn't I run like that? Why was I soooo heavy legged?

"Enough Dan!" I yelled at myself. "Stop being such a massive big girls blouse about all this!"

I banished Pink Woman from my thoughts and carried on at a decent pace, reached the turn around point at 3.5K and headed back home. All was going well and then as I approached 7K which is the "make or break" point for deciding to carry on for a 10K or go home, I wrestled with my decision. "Home? Or carry on?"


Yes sirrreee! I was off on the final 3K loop home and told myself to go slow and steady. Forget time. Forget trying to beat myself up, just finish, get home and get into a hot jacuzzi!

Then I saw the funniest sight. It was absolutely hilarious.

Ahead of me was a tiny little boy of about 8 years old. He was running as fast as his little legs could carry home and he was holding a loaf of bread. But what made me laugh was hit attire! He was dressed in his pyjamas, on top of which was his dressing gown and what I can only assume WERE HIS DAD'S ENORRRRMOUS CROCKS!!! They'd clearly sent little Johnny out to get a loaf of bread for breakfast, but one question floated across my mind.....

"What is a little boy doing out on his own?"

He arrived at his house and ran down the path, his massive crocks making a scraping sound as he careered down towards his front door. If I'd gone home and not done my 10K, I'd have missed that hilarious sight! Hahaha!!

The last K was torture. I mean, really really difficult. My leg muscles were tightening up and hurting but as I fished my phone out of my pocket, I realised that I had only 50metres to go. I finished and looked at my time. 57'37 which amazingly was 20 secs quicker than last Saturdays 10. Thank you GOD!

So have a wonderful weekend folks and year, buy ALL your presents for people in October. That way you can avoid the horrors of the shops this weekend!!

Yer pal

Dan X

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Sounds like a great running week Dan. Glad you didn't let the speed of the lady in pink get to you. I have to shut my mind off as people sail by I would never go out if I thought about all the faster people than me. it must be tough working with someone so negative. I do find no matter whats going on the thought of the next run lift my spirits and I am definately a more positive person since starting to run. great time for you run. Have a good Christmas


Sounds like work is grim. Some people bring shade all the time - what a good job you are one of those who brings sunshine! Well done on the 10k this morning. You'll catch that pink runner one of these days!

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Good one, Dan! Classic case of triumph over adversity, sounds as though the t*t will remain a t*t for the rest of his life, while you're an overcomer, and will succeed! Hooray for Pink Ladies, they do inspire, don't they?

Have a great Christmas!


Horrideousness has to be the best word I have heard this year Dan, and it describes the state I have been in for three whole weeks with this unrelenting cold/flu thing, which has stopped me running and smiling, but your post provided the latter, so thanks and Happy Christmas to you.

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Sorry to hear you are still feeling rough Iannoda :(

Hope you are soon back running and smiling soon though.


Sounds like a good week Dan, you have really captured the reality of running (as I experience it anyway) - heavy legs, folk passing, ego getting in the way, frustration then periods of ease, flow, joy and laughter! Actually that's a bit like life too...

Hope you have a wonderful xmas Dan and a happy and healthy 2015 :)


Or send your husband, like what I have done! Sent him off with cards, presents and a shopping list while I go out running, come back and eat a home made energy bar, cuppa coffee in peace. Sigh

Sounds like a lovely run Dan, and so funny about the little lad. Hovis advert for the modern day!!! LOL


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