Thyroid issues and running

Hi all, I am currently undergoing investigations due to an enlarged lumpy thyroid.  I am very tired most of the time and my running has suffered as a result.  I would usually run 10k comfortably but now struggling to complete 7k.  This has knocked my confidence and I haven't been out in over a week.  I am planning to go for a run after work tonight but I am really nervous about it.  Anyone running with thyroid problems???


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11 Replies

  • Thanks for the reply.  I'm not having a problem with weight gain (at the moment) but it is my biggest fear and the less I run the more likely I am to gain weight.  Vicious circle.

  • Hi, the weight gain was gentle, about 1lb a month, but two years down the road...well, I'm not 9 1/2 stone anymore !!   So wish I'd tackled the weight issue sooner...

    I've had several ultrasounds and aspirations.  Despite not finding anything cancerous the consultant wanted to do thyroidectomy.  After reading up on post surgery horror stories, i decided to change consultant.  This one didn't think i warranted surgery.   

    Have you seen a consultant ?  From what I gather lumpy thyroids are quite common in women 40+, so thats one comfort i suppose :)   

  • Hi, I've just turned 40 :( Had an ultrasound 3 weeks ago and still waiting for my next consultant appointment.  It was actually the Breast surgeon who noticed a goiter (I have acute breast pain and am fibrocystic)

  • Hi, I'm 41 and had my thyroid removed in 2008 (a year after the birth of my first child) due to a tumour. I'm now on replacement thyroxine and have been fine until I graduated. Now I find my muscles aches and pains really fluctuate and have very little bearing on how  far I've run. I've also found the heat more of a challenge that my running partner.  I've done a lot of research on thyroid issues and running and their is nothing 'official' out there but there seems to be a lot of anecdotal stuff around which indicates that it does effect exercise.

    However, my weight has always remained stable and I will continue to run despite somedays feeling like my legs are made of leg and my feet are blocks of concrete!

  • Hi, thanks for the reply.  That is exactly how my legs are feeling at the moment but I WILL run tonight :) How was your surgery?  

  • Surgery was fine and recovery was a lot better than my C-Section!

  • haha yes, I've had 2 C-sections, I sympathise

  • Hi Mummytotwo I have hashimotos and IBS, currently meds are optimal and apart from tummy woes I'm doing good. I've always had nodules from when I had Graves. 

    I have my Vit D and B12 checked regularly,  and supplement daily. 

    Are you on Thyroid meds? Are your vitamins optimal? 

    I wouldn't be so hard on yourself, aim for a 5 km and if you want to carry on then go for it. 😀

  • glad you are doing good.  I'm not on any meds as I'm still waiting for a diagnosis.  I eat very healthy so I think my vits should be ok?

  • I would wait till you get the results of any thyroid function tests, maybe the thought of "worst case scenario" is weighing on you and affecting your runs.

    I had a partial thyroidectomy in my early 20's and only in the last year did it finally go under active , luckily I was already running so it really didn't affect me to much .

    Fingers crossed that the diagnosis is a positive one 😊

  • I replied to this once - it's evaporated! I'm 42 and have an under active thyroid. I take 100/125mg thyroxine on alternate days. My weight hasn't changed and my bloods are currently ok. I am rather tired by the end of the day and I have some sleeplessness and weird hormonal symptoms.

    Since starting running I am more achey, but I would say overall I feel better. I suspect I could help myself with some attention to my diet but ... I haven't!

    Underactive thyroids a seem to cause a myriad of different symptoms in different people. There are lots of people with thyroid conditions out there running, so that at least is encouraging. Hope it settles down soon.

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