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Inspired by all your achievements - I've done another 10K!

Phew - my first post-injury 10K...and don't it feel good?!!

Well, actually it felt HARD....especially the last 1.5K and I wasn't sure I would actually make it. I had a near disaster just on 5k as I found what I thought was a nice little trail going behind some shrubs and alongside a fence. Lovely, until I ran into a load of brambles and got caught up, then discovered the trail didn't go anywhere other than the back of an industrial estate (!) so had to retrace and face the brambles again!

When I set off, I was determined to do 7k and aim for 8, then see how I was going. Started out at a steady pace but it was so warm again I knew I'd end up a lot slower. I'd worn my long leggings cos I thought it was colder than it was, and at one point I was to trying to run and roll the legs up to my knees! Not to be recommended....

Once I got to 7k I really wasn't sure I'd be able to keep going much longer but I had to get home so carried on. I was near our local park by now and thought I'd try a run around that just to add a bit of distance and then I was at 8.5k!

I was going quite slowly and almost called it a day but thinking of all the 10ks and PBs on here lately inspired me and made me want to add to the tally so plodded on a bit further and then headed home...and made it to 10.25K - just to be sure! My legs were (are) tired and my back was (is!) aching but I managed 1:08:15 for the full run. I'm a happy bunny! :-)

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Hi Dottiemay,

well done! that must have been so tough, I'm only in week 3 and I can't imagine ever running a 10k.

congrats :)


I love the way you just do your 10k's by accident! :) Great time Dottie and every reason to feel a happy bunny!



Don't it feel great! I did my first 10k today. I too have aching legs and knees, hopefully I'll be recovered enough for my next run on Thursday.


Dashcorn, just stick with it - six months ago I couldn't finish week 2 run 1 and never ever imagined running for an hour!

Sue, if I thought too much about it, I probably wouldn't do it. I prefer to take myself by surprise...! ;-)

BettyJane, well done you! After I got back from the run, I had to rush off to the dentist which is a 15 min brisk walk away, so I'm really feeling it right now! Good luck for your run on Thursday!


Brilliant to get back to what you had achieved before injury. I hope you remain injury-free and can continue running.


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