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Treadmill learnings

I had my first attempt at the treadmill today to give it a test run in anticipation of winter and icy roads. I've done all of my running outside to this point - there are significant differences

1. I sound like a herd of elephants on the treadmill. While I'm sure I'm not a gazelle outside, my stomping was downright scary on the treadmill

2. The treadmill seemed easier on my joints than concrete. Definite plus

3. I put a 'random' program on for the incline. Every time the treadmill would raise it's incline I got slightly nauseous as my perspective changed. And I was terrified it was going to tip over!

4. It's really hard to get my pace. Outside I can slow down when I run up a hill, speed up on the downhills, and change my pace to the music/my mood. While I know I could do that on the treadmill with the speed button, it was very, very difficult to find my mojo. As the incline would change I'd find myself running at the top or the back of the treadmill. Kind of scary that you can't self-regulate by slowing your feet down.

Anyhow, it's a nice option for the winter when I don't feel like going to the indoor track. But it certainly isn't easy - kudos to everyone on couch to 5k running on a treadmill. I imagine it makes you a very consistent, evenly paced runner.

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I haven't used a tread mill for years and those days they didn't have programmes or changeable inclines, so I used to set it for the pace I found comfortable. I agree, they are far easier on your joints


Did my 9 week c25k on a treadmill and it was absolutely fine but boring once we got on to runs longer than 5 mins at a time. Still, nice to have an alternative when the weather is grim. Hasn't turned me into an evenly paced runner though.

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Interesting to read.... I have only ever run on the treadmill and worry about going to the great outdoors. I worry that I will not keep up the pace that I set myself on the treadmill, but instead slowdown to a stop / heap at the side of the road. Don't worry about sounding like an effulump on the treadmill, just turn your music up, that's what I do hehe

I am lucky where I run at the gym as I overlook the river and watch the sailing boats go by and if they are not out I keep a steady focus on the buoy to keep me focused and concentrated (although I have only just completed Wk5D1 so not run more than 5 mins at a stretch and not touched the incline button yet :)

I might see if there is an indoor track near me as I had not given that a thought, might be a good next step once I have felt confident enough to join the off the treadmill running crew. Although the one advantage for me once I have completed my run, is to set off to poolside for a float, sauna, steam and Jacuzzi as a little treat to myself for my efforts :D

Keep up the good running and steady as you go :-)



I did all my couch to 5k on a treadmill, it is a lot easier on the joints. My treadmill is motorized but a very basic model, it does not have an incline so I didn't have to worry about wobbling about too much. When I first started on the treadmill I needed to hold the handrail, but soon got used to jogging without needing to hold on, just occasionally grabbed it to re-balance myself. I agree it can get boring especially when you do the later weeks on the longer runs. And after I completed the course I went for a run outside and I couldn't believe how difficult it was compared to the treadmill. I found outdoor running very tiring indeed in comparison. But no matter if you run on a treadmill or outdoors, you are keeping active and exercising so both are equally as good :)

Have fun! :)

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I've done most of my C25K runs on a treadmill. I do "fiddle" with the incline and speed buttons when I'm coming to the end of a run (just to vary things) but haven't been brave enough to try one of the programmes! I had been running outside on the shorter runs, but once I got to week 6 and tried an outside run (time meant I couldn't get over to the gym) I just couldn't regulate my pace. I didn't think I was going too fast, but I couldn't manage to run for the time I was supposed to, and knew I could do having done it on the 'mill the previous run.

I'm planning to try and get outside once I graduate, but for now I'll stick to my 'mill. As MadamePearson says it's still exercise!

PS: I sound like a herd of elephants too, but I don't bother looking to see if anyone's staring at me! :D


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