Hey everyone, I'm still here! Just completed W8, R1 today. Here are my random thoughts...

Feeling very pleased with running 28 mins - I found week 7 REALLY hard going, so relieved today's run went OK. I'm still breathing through my mouth - I find I just don't get enough air otherwise. Does anyone have any tips?

Glad to see I'm now burning around 350-400 calories per run now, despite only covering about 3.5-4km each time. It *almost* makes up for the lack of walking! (I miss those walking intervals!)

I'm so glad I started C25K. This is the longest time I've ever managed to exercise in my life. I have also sustained (fairly) healthy eating over the longest period ever (10 weeks). If I am a little bit naughty, the running helps me get back to a healthy diet. Plus, now I do allow myself the odd small treat, which is working well. Am focusing now on graduating week 9, looking better for my holiday in a few weeks, and for my 40th birthday next March. I've lost 10 pounds in total so far, but am still a size 14-16 and HATE it when anyone sees me on my very early morning run! But I look a bit better, feel good and am so happy to be making progress. All the best to my fellow runners...


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  • I breathe through my mouth too.

    You will continue to lose weight and tone up if you keep running and eating healthily. I do exercise dvd's too as I am trying to improve my strength in general. Walking, swimmimg, cycling etc all help

    Good luck with week 9. Enjoy it!

  • Hi Cornflower, I breathe through my mouth too, the alternative is suffocation, so I don't much care (apart from the dangers of swallowing flies and the like) Your progress sounds fantastic- you're losing weight and getting fitter by the day. Very well done

  • I breath through my mouth also. I can't get away with breathing in through my nose, probably because I have sinusitis. Mind you, I find it easy through my mouth and just try and control my breathing rather than 'gasping'.

  • Me too with the nose. What's wrong with it. Why do we need to breathe through our mouth instead?

  • Glad I'm not the only mouth-breather. I have decided not to care too much. Fair enough it doesn't look very glamorous, but neither does sweaty hair, or muddy boys' trainers (tip: I have size 5 feet and some shops do boys trainers for children's prices up to a 5 and a half. Hooray!), so sod it :).

  • Never been able to solve the nose-breathing thing. Mouth works fine for me. One thing I have tried is those sticking-plaster-across-the-nose thingies. I feel that they help when I run longer distances, but that may just be a mental thing (which is much of the battle of course). A bit expensive for a one use item, so not really a solution.

    By the way, don't worry about people looking at you. As a runner, you have nothing to fear. If they are also runners, then it will be nothing less than a look of respect. If they're not, then, to quote the song, "you're stronger than that".

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