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Soaked to the bone!

Is it just me or do others seem to find themselves running in the wettest, windiest wildest 30 minutes of the day.

Tonight I looked outside and thought to myself 'best get on with it' out I went and fought the elements (and enjoyed every minute) came home looking like a drowned rat, had a shower and finally got warm. Half an hour later my daughter asked for a lift out, I told her to wrap up as it was freezing outside but no! The wind has dropped to a gentle breeze and it is no longer raining cats and dogs.

Luckily over the last few months I had come to the conclusion that my favourite runs are when it's dark, cold, pouring with rain and the wind is trying to push me over. Maybe the weather gods are on my side :)

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That's called a run and then some! Not easy running conditions.. not keen on wind and rain, but don't mind a bit of rain by itself!

I normally run on a Wednesday morning, but need to be in work early tomorrow, so thought I'd run on Thursday instead - until I checked the forecast that is - tomorrow = dry and cold, Thursday = wet and windy - so I'm gonna get up super early tomorrow and run on my 'normal' running day.

:) xx


We've been hit by a weather 'bomb' tonight's run should be fun. I like the wind, for some reason being blown around makes me laugh out loud and the rain keeps me cool. Crazy woman :)


Hi Tready, yep it is very windy tonight here. It has been raining today, but it eased off when I was out. It takes your breath away doesn't it when its windy ...

Blimey, we must be running junkies running in this, I love it :-) xxx


I love it too. Yes we are crazy!! :)


Was very windy here but no rain when i went out :D tis now though !! strange how certain times/conditions seem to suit us


I always get too hot running in summer" I'm definitely a cold runner, comes with being a 'northern lass'. :)


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