Hail to all Ye Xmas Running Types

After a ghastly two weeks of lost mojo, sad HU posts of woe, feeling generally "over-toxed" with end of the year alcoholic beverages and hi fat foodstuffs, this morning (after a mammoth lie in until 10:30am!!) I squeezed my apples, pressed my cucumber and pulverised my celery stick! Yes - I MADE JUICE! Swallowed said concoction with a spoonful of energy giving honey, connected up Laura and warned her that she'd better be gentle with me this outing, as I hadn't ventured outside for a while. I was going to re-do WEEK 8 this time, which was a 28 minute run non stop. I'd last done this 6 months ago, so I was wondering what musical delights/horrors awaited me!

Endomondo crunched along in the background measuring my distance and pathetic speed as Laura told me that it was time to run - "3-2-1...GO!" I did as I was told and made sure I remembered that it was "distance" NOT "Speed" that was the key to this run. The weather was hideous. I'd forgotten about the storm warnings and the amber alerts and all that stuff and at one point as I trundled through the rain, a massive gust of wind rendered me unable to breathe OUT! I ran with my hand over my mouth for a few yards (that dates me doesn't it?) and then took my hand away once the wind had died down.

Kilometre 1 was fine, especially when I reached the A road I run along towards Richmond. The wind was sooooo strong, I was being literally blown along! "Is this cheating, time wise" I wondered. "Who flamin' cares!" I replied to myself. I just enjoyed the amazing sensation of running UPHILL pretty fast! It was like GOD had got hold of a blow football pipe and was blowing it on my back. I powered on, reaching K2 and the wind continued to assist my efforts. I was waiting for my right shin/calf/ankle to start playing up with pain, which it had been doing for many many weeks. I'd had treatment for it and it had worked to an extent, but I still got pain, albeit bearable, in my shin. This morning - NADA. Nothing. NUFFINK! "Hooray! I've run 2K and have no pain. Go Dan go!" I said.

Time for K3 which meant running round the swimming bath car park and heading home in the direction I'd just come, but this time AGAINST THE WIND! Didn't Bob Seger write a song called that? Anyway.....I powered on. The wind was so strong and I was battling against it. Again, a gust stopped me being able to breathe out and I did the "hand-over-mouth" thing again. I thought of all you lovely people who have given me encouragement on here and it kept me going. I hear JUICYJU whispering in my ear "Push that body. Punish that body" and I did exactly as she told me (I mean, who'd dare not to?). Going uphill with a 70mph wind pushing me backwards meant my speed was almost in reverse - I was sooooo slow, but I kept going. More posts that I've read came into my brain "Running isn't easy"...."It's sooo hard"....."Give yourself treats at the end" and again, it kept me going.

I eventually rounded a corner and run down towards the Thames river and the wind wasn't blowing here - it was totally calm and I felt pretty good. Not far to go now I thought. ":Where's Laura? Shouldn't she be letting me know stuff by now?" She didn't let me down! No sooner had that thought gone through my head, Laura announced just 5 mins to go. "Oh yeessss!" I thought. "I am not going to stop. I am going to complete this run. Yes I will!" I pushed on, JuicyJu performing her mantra in my head like some sort of Nepalese Guru sitting on top of Mount Everest dressed in flowing robes and a head band, whilst eating chocolate lollipops. (dunno why I imagined that, but there we are....)

"One minute left" said Laura. "You little beauty" I said to myself "Don't speed up now, just keep it together for less than 60 more seconds, you impressive, handsome hunk of athletic God!" (A bit vain perhaps, but I need to cheat myself sometimes! Ha!). I reached the end of my run at last! Laura congratulated me, then tried asking me out for a drink at her place. I declined respectfully. We had to keep this professional after all!

Got home and felt great! Filled up the jacuzzi and got in, luxuriating in the jets of water on my aching legs.

Today was hard. Running is hard. But I did it today and felt magnificent. Thanks to ALL of you who has encouraged me. Without whom.....

You get the picture!

Dan X


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20 Replies

  • That's brilliant, Dan! Well done with the run AND the post - made me laugh out loud!

  • Hahaha! That's good I made you laugh! It means I haven't lost my touch. Happy Christmas blah blah blah...!

  • Result! And probably the hardest day for a while to get out there, and give it a go!

  • Thanks Nerdio. I thank you for your previous encouraging post, urging me to go out Boxing Day, which I fully intend to do. Today was soooo hard, but I am glad I beat the wind!

  • Hooray!! Dan's "Tales from The Riverbank" Returns. AND before Christmas too!! Well done that man, and happy Christmas.

  • Cheers IDT! Hope yours is fun too

  • Haha! Makes me feel really bad about not going out in the 80mph Sussex winds now! Well done for braving the amber warning. Happy Christmas! :-)

  • Thanks Jen! Happy Christmas to you too

  • I feel Bob Seager may have been Run Like The Wind - and sounds like you did. Well done!!!

  • Thanks AR. Appreciate it. And check out that Bob Seger song....it's gorge!

  • Brilliant blog....Im so glad my mantra helped... You've found your inner panther, nurture it and you'll soon have her purring as you run freely into the wind ( and ill cheer you on from my panther mountain in my diamond studded sweatband and panther collar...robes flowing in the wind!!!!....)... Love it Dan you have a wonderful way with words!

  • Merci Madame JuJu. 'appy Chrissmuss babycakes!

  • Good stuff. I was out doing W8R1 this morning at 10:00. First time I've run in such wind-horrible. Still managed to luck out-the rain came down and was followed by the most almighty gale just 10 minutes after I got home. Hats off to those of us that ventured out today. Onward and upward!

  • Indeed! Hurrah to us! Thanks Michael.

  • Yay, Dan the Man is back! A great run (well done for turning Laura down, though, you're quite right to keep your relationship on a professional footing) and a great blog, although I have to admit you puzzled me for a minute with your reference to 'that dates me' - I couldn't quite work it out, because I naturally think in yards as well :D

    Happy Christmas, happy running, happy New Year :)

  • I know. That Laura can be a bit of a tease sometimes. It was all I could do to give her the swerve! Haaa!! I too think in YARDS although since becoming a bit of DIY MAN, I've learned to treat metres and centermetres with respect!

  • Well done Dan the Man. Good to see you back out there. Have a great Christmas - lots of running next year!

  • Thanks OldNed. Am raising a glass of Adnams Broadside to you (nice drop of strong ale...give it a go!)

  • Yay! Well done you!

    Got a great mental image of a giant old guy with a long white beard blowing you along with a huge blue plastic tube!

    Fab post.

    Viki :-)

  • Thank youuuu! And merrrry Christmas to you and your this YULE!

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