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Soaked but chuffed

Thursday is one of my run days & usually I go out ay 5.30am so that I've done it before work. Today though I'm working late so it meant I could go out 'later' - 7am! I got ready, looked out the window & saw the rain. Now, I lived in North Yorkshire for 10 years so I'm well used to rain so even though I now live in deepest Kent I still set out. Rain at 45 degrees & chilly wind are not ideal conditions. Things weren't improved by puddles & getting splashed by cars. Still I did a gentle 25 minutes then headed to the park to finish off with tthe 5k+ speed podcast. It was still pouring & I was soaked but I did it & felt bloody great! Home for a lovely hot shower, hot coffee & crumpets. All before work too. Despite the rain it was a great run. Happy days!

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I can relate. I am also in deepest Kent and had similar conditions this morning.

But yes, the post run shower was extra nice.


Yes Kent for me too and its grim out there this morning. I love running in the rain but there are limits! Sounds like you made the most of it though and had a good run anyway, so well done you! x :-)


Sounds like a wonderful way to start the day for those of us who enjoy getting up early. Well done Sharon, and hope you've been glowing for the rest of the day :)


Lucky you lot, we got snow here! Damn, thought we was finished with that.


Same for me this morning, but minus the coffee and crumpets! Lots of fun.


Well done for going.

I love running in the rain but I don't like the puddles - I don't like to get my trainers wet!

So I sort of skip round puddles where ever possible - I run like a right girl when it rains!!!


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