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The wind one morning sprang up from sleep...


Saying, "now for a frolic! Now for a leap!

Now for a mad-cap galloping chase

I'll blow those runners all over the place!"

And it did; loads of runners this week have posted about getting blown from pillar to post; my turn this morning.

Before I post my run however, in deference to the excellent comments given by lovely runner, davelinks (check his post and pikkie out today, great), I shall not mention my actual age ever again, and from now on will only refer to myself as Oldfloss with Attitude and Grey Speedy Snail.

Fine morning, despite the weather forecast, but a hint of greyness heading from the North.

Set out before 8 a.m. intending to get back fairly quickly, (hard mornings work ahead, moving furniture and boxes), so a brisk warm up walk, turning left at the decide point, I headed up towards the Common. Walking past the houses, it is odd how you do something lots of times and then suddenly notice something. Under the hedge of one of the houses, row after row of snowdrops, but all in extremely neat rows, and I mean neat, almost as if someone had taken a ruler and measured the placing and positioning of each bulb with pinpoint accuracy... weird, but fascinating!

Moving up to the roundabout and leaving the shelter of the houses, I crossed and started the run uphill...Speed podcast, again, today... I love the Stamina but was getting badly hooked on a change.

I had noticed the wind, but as I started the first interval run, the wind really hit was strong, and I initially found it hard to catch my breath. Persevered on and up, but goodness, it was a battle! I am not overly heavy, I know, but even though I was keeping the pace, I did not actually seem to be gaining much distance. the wind was almost lifting me! Fortunately the change in pace came as I turned the corner along one of the side-roads, and I was able to speed up... but then , because of time and distance,had to turn to retrace my steps and head back to the hill!

It felt as if the wind was being channelled down the hill. pummelling me in the chest and tummy.

I tried to keep in to the hedge as far as possible, past the hidden lake and half way up the hill. A runner passed me as I was fighting my way upwards, he was running downhill, very swiftly. He gave me a pitying look... not sure whether it was a " yes it's very windy" look or a " what the heck is she doing" look. Anyway I was at this point, too busy trying to keep my hat pulled down to bother. I crossed over and began to run down again. Had to turn up Laura's volume, for the rest of the podcast, as the sound of the wind through the branches, although leafless, of the trees was very loud. Huge oaks and silver birch waving their great branched arms in a futile attempt to stop the wind, the hanging branches of a willow over the lake swaying with an unseemly frenzy as they were tossed and tangled.

Very hard going downhill is it, the wind is in your face going one way and yet still in your face going the other? Finally, after what did seem an age this morning, Laura is telling me two more intervals to go..thank goodness. Down, and over the roundabout, down, down, to the bottom of the hill. Did not seem to see much this morning, too busy trying to stay upright!

Finish in style.. you must be joking Laura! What style...? No style this morning at all!

Okay, I did not have the rain and awful conditions some folk have had, but I felt as if I had been tossed around in a wind tunnel...! I admire every one of you who deliberately chose to go out in these conditions!

Anyway... called for the newspaper and had my slow and Scissor Sisters... against the wind, again, back up my bit of the hill to home.!

Not sure if enjoyed is the right word..but davelinks,like you on your run, I did it... felt exhilarated and blown clean weirdly, and if you read the rest of the poem, ( William Howitt), I got away extremely lightly!

PS. My Nan knew that poem by heart, and used to recite it to me when I was small.

(Thought you would like to know that!)

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Thanks for our Poem of the Day missus! I do love a poem meself

It was wet here but fortunately no wind to speak of. Sorry you got it though but someone has to. LOL

OldflossAdministrator in reply to misswobble

All part of life's rich tapestry!

It was very windy and I had a coughing fit in the early hours of this morning,, so think it might have blown away the last of my lurgy..yeay!

Sorry you got wet ...roll on Spring:}


Another wonderful post Floss. Just got back from my very blowy W7R3 and felt like I was going backwards at times it was blowing so hard! Definitely blew the cobwebs away today 💨

OldflossAdministrator in reply to PumpKim

Go you...just read your post about your running..big hugx

It did blow those cobwebs didn't it??? Wow...:)

Well done on your run...! :)


Well done you , great run in err difficult conditions

My quote for you would be " to never try is the ultimate fail "

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Slow_Rob

How true... I've never been prone to giving up...unless forced, but hoping my run Monday, will have the forecast sunshine :)

Love that quote too, thank you :)

Blow winds, and crack your cheeks! Rage! Blow!

You cataracts and tornadoes spout

'Til you have drenched our steeples....

Luckily it's a rest day for me today!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to shinyhappy123

Love it..King Lear..powerful!

Lucky you 😉


Oh lovely Oldfloss! Your posts never fail to move me. I totally felt like I was there with you! I think I got off lightly today wind wise - but oh, my word it was the hardest stickiest deepest mud I have run in!

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to Sandraj39

Ps. Love the sound of that poem btw - will look it up in your honour!☺

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Sandraj39

The poem is a favourite...I have so many though.. the littlies,I taught used to really like it too... loads of lovely pictures and paintings after reading! Happy Days!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Sandraj39

Wow, thanks...glad you were with me :)

Your muddy run... yuksters! Loved your post though!

Glad my run Monday is supposed...???? to be dry and sunny; do we honestly believe that? :)

Onwards and upwards!


I think you should be known as "Fearless Floss ! "

Well done my lovely xxx Isn't it great to see all the green shoots appearing ? I am really looking forward to the lighter nights, can't come quick enough for me now !

Beautiful words and writing . Brilliant !

Torrential rain here today. I love running in the rain , but today took the biscuit ! :-) xxx

OldflossAdministrator in reply to poppypug

Yeay.. I really like that Poppy!!!! I may well use that in secret! Sounds like a weird superhero!

Yep.. Spring is on the way, albeit slowly!

The rain is a pain currently... just a drop of sunshine makes us all feel better.

My run Monday, is be dry AND sunny!

We shall see :)xxx


The wind is always against us - it's Murphys Law. Worse on a bicycle. It must be because we run faster than the wind!

Love your posts OldFloss - an inspiration to us all. Hope I'm still running at your age (which we will not mention) and still enjoying it so much.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to JaySeeSkinny

That's what my husband says... really annoying though.. we had to pedal like mad going downhill, in Derbyshire last year...cycling down to Hartington.. and that was against the wind!!!

Yep... despite all that gets thrown at us, we do love it don't we?

I just keep on going, maybe slow but I have fun! :)


I think wind is the hardest. It's like running on a treadmill - lots of action for very little progress. Hard to catch your breath too despite all that air in your face.

Well done Floss,may the wind ever be at your back!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Ullyrunner

So true Ully.. running hard, getting nowhere... what fun!

It's blowing like mad again here today... but the good thing is,

I am inside! :)


Oldfloss I always enjoy your posts and am really inspired by your commitment to running- this post especially made me smile- I have been doing C25K over the winter up here in Shetland and this has been my experience every run! It's wet windy and very dark morning and night at the moment! It takes your breath away! I have set off in the sun and ended in a blizzard! There is a saying in Shetland that you can see 4 seasons in a day but I have been getting them in each run! I am on week 9 run 3 next but it's taken ages longer than 9 weeks because the weather has worked against me but am just pleased with my progress and determination to keep running and get outside. Keep writing - it keeps us running!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Maggie1973

Absolutely amazing... go you! Wow... that takes some dedication!

What a wonderful place though:)

I am full of admiration for you and your obvious determination... really glad you like my ramblings too.

We are hoping to head up to Shetland in our camper-van, probably in the Autumn...I may get to experience the conditions for myself...

So, if you spot a grey bundle fighting the may be me!

Hi there Floss, just catching up on posts today and knew I'd have missed something fabulous after a day 'offline'. :)

Go you, getting out there in that wind, getting your run done and giving us another beautiful story - I can just see you frolicking and leaping along in your hat, blowing those cobwebs away!

Hope you will come to love the speed podcasts as much as the stamina soon... once this wind leaves us all be! X

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