Wk8 R1 ... Er ... No, actually

I think what I might do is try spinning. It can't be as fun as exploring the world out there on two feet, but at least it can provide the exercise needed. Today I'm resting on doctors orders, though. So far, no there's no life after numb toes, sadly.

What would you do if you had to stop running? Interesting horror story to tell yourself. But it turns out there are a few OK things out there to take its place. For instance today I went to the local swimming pool, and just sort of wallowed around there (either because I'm resting, or because I'm lazy; I'm not so sure which). When the water is only 18 degrees Celsius, it's actually quite handy being a bit fat. Blubber really does insulate nicely. (And I think that's scientifically proven - your cross Channel swimmers try to put on a bit of padding before that race, even today, AFAIK).

Should I post some loud and inappropriate spinning music then? I think I shouldn't, but I probably will ... YES! ...

I reckon one could get legs like Arnold Schwarzenegger spinning to that.


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8 Replies

  • Oh big sad face. You will have to stay on here as an honorary runner. Your posts always make me smile


  • Thanks (twice). Yes, I would say that ever since Laura inducted me as a proper runner, that's what I remain. And it's nice hanging out here with you other runners. I think tomorrow I'm going to go and spin, unless things take a turn for the worse. I'll do Wk1 R1, just to ease into it, and take it from there.

  • Who would want legs like Arnie?!!

    I tried spinning once and it nearly did me in but that was before running when I was seriously unfit anyway. You could try running in the pool. It's very hard but good exercise. Also what about rowing?

  • Actually today I tried a tiny bit of running in the pool. It might work, but I thought I'd better get permission before I do more. Rowing, could be hard on the back? I'll have to see.

    Legs like Arnie? No, not me, that's for sure. Legs that can Run is what I want! :D

  • Aw Gary, keep posting here! I always value your enthusiasm. What exercises did the dr recommend? I suppose you could do some walking to keep fit and get fresh air? Cycling is fun and you get the same thrill out of improving your speed and distance! Take care.

  • Thanks. At the moment I'm allowed to do most things other than running, so I should be able to find a way. It would be nice to keep fit enough to be able to restart from a later week than Week1 if ever I'm given the go-ahead to restart c25k, and I think the principles of the programme are probably transferable. I'll try it out on other things, and try to stay at least as fit as I've now managed to become.

    I do enjoy cycling, but it'll take a while to enjoy going along with a bit more oomph. And there's nothing quite like racing down a hill on a bicycle, too. It's like being a little kid again.

  • Spin is great fun once you get over the first day shock of it (What do you mean, turn it up AGAIN??? gasp gasp) and completely scaleable, which makes it ideal for all levels of fitness.

    Aqua jogging should be a good fit for you as well - being impact free and actually supporting you in the water. I have read lots about athletes with back-related injuries using it for rehabilitation. You would need to invest in a floatation belt to maintain correct posture in the water but they are pretty cheap.

  • Thanks Rignold. Certainly the aqua jogging sounds like something I should try. And spinning would require some kind of good attitude at the outset, apart from anything else, so I'd better go there Expecting to enjoy it. As far as the flotation belt goes, I suspect I'll have to do some online research, and then improvise one. At least the local foam company cuts to any 2D shape you like.

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