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I am so doing that again!

If there is a We Run ....... Near you sign up and do it!! It was the best race and night of life I nearly cried!

Garmin says i did it in 1:01 and the nike clock says 1:04 chip time unknown

The start was a shambles! Let's just move on from that!

Race started on time and as I ended up near the start line I was with the people who were super fast!!

Anyway first km was 5:34 and then I manged to slow to 6:04. Then it was to settle into the hill, by this point the sun had set and light was going fast! It was steep, there was not a lot of room on the road as there were thousands of people! So it was a slow and steady climb, the hair pin bends made it a bit more of a challenge but I got all the way 3.5km without stopping. I grabbed a carton of powerade and water - now i shouldn't have drunk as much as I did.

Anyway onwards to 5km this is where it's going to hurt, I told myself you can stop lets do it! Again so many people I forgot I was going up hill I was just trying to get around people! I just thought keep going, you can do it. Do you need to stop no! Let's keep moving, come on you can do it and then there it was the Chile flag! I knew I made it to the top!

Time for another powerade and cup of water! Here was my mistake I didn't need the powerade! Now my stomach was full, well I was feeling great!! I mean really good and now was time to make up for the time lost on the hill. The problem was it was dark and there was not enough lights, I thought of all you guys, I longed for a head torch. I kept looking down so not to trip and tried to stay away from the edges, we were going at some pace (well fast for me) but all down hill so it was ok!

As we ran above the sky line of santiago we could see the park, see the glowing green light and hear the do calling us home. Hold on what is that I see in the distance in front of me....the preparty lights and dj. All of a sudden music lights lit up the trees turning it into a magical forest just when your mind could think I am tired now, no this is just the start.

Downwards we go.... I am really sorry folks, it's 6:24 and the car picking us up for the airport is due at 6:30 so I am afraid I am going to leave you there and having technology free holiday (apart form ipod and garmin) so I will have to do part 2 when I am back!

Happy running all thought I had time to finish but I didn't - just to say I loved it and I will continue with pictures.

Take care everyone and happy running!

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Sounds awesome. I'll look forward to Part 2 when you get back.


Thank you. It was a great race!


Hey Vix CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's one hell of a fast time. Can't wait to read the rest of the story. Have a fab fab FAB time Sweetie. Enjoy the rest, you deserve it xx :)


Oh Vix, sounds like you had an amazing time, Im so pleased for you, it sounds brilliant ! :-)

Thanks for taking the time to post when you are in such a rush !

Have a fab holiday and we will look forward to hearing more and seeing the photos ....

Take Care xxxx


Thank you. I had a fab holiday really got off to a good start after that race!


Amazing. Well done Vixchile. Enjoy Uruguay :) see you in a week for Part 2 xx


Thank you the holiday was interesting, lovely people and lovely country.


Oh nooooo the suspense of it...........

Looking forward to part two.


Thank you. Well I either had to finish or be shouted at and I have a history with being late at the airport


Ha ha, that was good. A cliffhanger! The party and disco sounds a blast. I wish I could have a speeding car waiting for me post run. Home James and don't spare the horses!

Have a lovely holiday.


Thank you, the dancing was fab afterwards wish every run could be That good.


Hi! What a great report. And I'm another desperate to read part two.

I felt I was running with you.

Enjoy your holiday. I don't whats braver - running downhill in the dark with no headtorch or a technology free holiday.



Thank you, I thought there was going to be more light, I would take a torch next ti even. Technology free holidays are great, just good old hard back books! Peace, great bed and the freshest seafood ever!


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