Sorry about that folks i was rushing to get post something.

Through the disco trees we went knowing that next phase was the downhill then onto the flat home stretch or so i thought.

Boy i was full from all the liquid i thought i needed (must make sure i don't drink too much on races!)

Decided that as i felt good and the face was fairly fast i would try to keep it up for the next km or so, managed really well, ran much faster than i have ever done this section before (or ever ran before for that matter) and it felt good. There were still lots of people so still hard (but thinner than the uphill and the start), during the whole race I had to dodge around people. A minor sprint up the brief incline just to get it over with - i told myself right it is now flat all the way to the finish line - but i have never run this little section and not familiar with it but i soon realised this road goes down and then climbs back up to the usual bridge i take. Well i really tried and about towards the end 100m i finally had to have a little walk just - pulled myself together carried on running. I now looked at my watch - could i do sub 60minutes- maybe if i push harder than ever!!!

Finally on the home stretch - i know exactly where the finish line is and -i am nearly home (literally). I was into the last 1km and said come on you can do better than this so i pushed on lets try to get that sub 60minutes. I was surprised to see people walking as this is the last bit, if we all push we would make a great time "VAMOS". However the reality is we set off at a fantastic pace so not surprised people were walking, unfortunately there was a young women passed out receiving medical treatment on the pavement :(

Turned onto the last avenue, never seen so many people out cheering a race on (usually its a handful!) Family and friends were supporting their loved ones. I could see it the finish line, looked at my watch and sub 60minutes was gone, guttered why did i walk and if i hadn't got that second drink, which i didn't need i would have done it. Decided keep going to to end, soon the feeling of disappointment disappeared and i wanted to cry - who knew that i could do this race, who knew that i could do it a great time, i was so proud. I thought of encouraging words leading up to this race and i just couldn't believe i actually had done it!

Found the OH and he was surprised to see me, i think he wanted to say did something happen and you are back a lot quicker. i had been telling him all week that i will 1hour and 30minutes, hoping for 1hour and 20 and anything below 1hour and 15 will be amazing.

Garmin 1:0:26 Nike Chip Time 1:02:51

After the race - they gave out a medal!! My first bit of bling (hold back the tears again) - it took 20minutes to meet my partner as they made us wonder through the park. I managed to smuggle him into the park as they weren't letting non-runners in.

When i wondered into the park they were giving prises for the 1st,2nd and 3rd place which i believe were 30minutes. My hat goes off to them as that is not easy on the flat but that course well that is something else! Now that was over, you could see they just wanted to get it down as now the real party can start. The atmosphere in the park was electric! There DJ was brilliant and everyone was dancing around with powerade and fruit, who needs alcohol!! There were 2 dancers dressed in lights that must have been stilts dancing with the people and photographers it was great. We stayed for a while but only left because we had a flight in a few hours.

If there is a WE RUN by Nike near you sign up!

Sure there were negatives the start for example, not good and there were course could handle the number of people. When we were running up the hill even i wanted to go faster but i couldn't because it was hard to find a path. At the end it took ages to get through but worth it to pick up the medal and enjoy the free party and considering the race in total cost £13 - it was one of the best nights i have had in a long time.

Finally to top it off Nike made a little 10second video of your result if anyone is interested here is the link


Select Nombre - Vicky - Click Buscar it will be obvious which Vicky as i did not achieve a sub 60.


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15 Replies

  • Oh wow Vixchile that sounds a fantastic run and what an absolutely brilliant time. You must be chuffed to bits. All that hard work and training really paid off.

    Fab photo. You look so happy. Many, many congratulations to you.

  • Thank you at points I never thought that race was going to be possible with the heat and incline so I was well pleased.

  • Oh Vix, that sounds extraordinary! What a wonderful experience and one you're going to treasure for a long time. You did it in a fantastic time too. So very very well done you :) I can't imagine ever ever running that fast. Bet, if you go through your splits, you've got a 30minute 5k hiding in there too. Congratulations :) :) :)

  • Oh yes there is but it was the last 5km which I am not counting as it was downhill so it's not really real. Thank you for all your support and encouragement along the way it really helped me through. Now I need to get running again! Had a break on holiday and only manged a few short runs so need to get back to it!

  • Oh, of course it's real Vix! You didn't imagine running it, you actually did it, AND after you'd run 5k up hill! That definitely counts as a 30min (or indeed sub-30 min) 5k :) Be proud, be very proud indeed. :) :)

  • Wow. What a great post, what a great time! That's something to be really proud of. And fantastic you could sprint UP an incline.

  • It was a tiny incline, the real inclines where tricky but I did it with the help of the race and being determined not to give in. It was a fab night and would recommend to anyone!

  • Wow, sounds like you had a fantastic run, and congratulations on the time. That's amazing!!

    Thank you also for the wonderful race description. Reading it is almost like being there (except without the sore calves).

  • Thank you. Luckily no sore calves! I think the dancing afterwards sorted that out. Highly recommended for post run recovery

  • What a great experience - well done! And I think that's an amazing time if it was hilly! So glad you enjoyed it. You look so happy in your photo - thanks for posting :)

  • Thank you, it was a great race. I would recommend it to anyone!!! Boy it was hilly, 3km of hills. Actually need to get back out there again as I think it helps generally.

  • Fantastic post, fantastic time! :)

  • Thank you, I really thought it would take an hour and a half so really pleased with the time. Time was helped my everyone running but I had no adverse side effects so it goes to show we can push ourselves more than we think!

  • Wow! Just WOW! x

  • Thank you! I loved it and already looking forward to signing up to 2015, I need to train for hm though as the flatter courses appear to be hm distance. There is one is paris, Berlin, Istanbul if I can't make santiago again :(

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