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So....what next

So thats the 5k completed, so what next ? I kinda think I d like to eventually run a 10k, but it takes me 50 minutes to run a 5, so thinking if maybe I run 2 days a week just to keep stamina up and once a week run a 5k not pushing to hard, but aiming for a 30 minute 5k ?

Does this sound good, or should I just aim for the 10k, kinda go for it

Couple of things I learned from the 5k

1 I prefer to run alone, I really didnt like people talking to me, I was concentrating god damn it !

2 Karrimore running pants suck

3 My sisters rock ( very important )

4 I love my music

5 It's quite important not to get caught up in the moment and not turn your garmin off if you want an accurate reading !!

6 It should definately not be allowed to put a hill on a blind corner right at the end of a run, when you can hear the cheering and see the markers saying nearly there , you turn the corner and a bloody hill, just not on. How can one finish with a flourish if one has just stumbled up a hill !!!

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Hi there. I don't know whether you should go for 10k or not but I really liked reading what you learnt from the 5 k!! Very funny. What was wrong with the karrimor pants?


My next goal is 35 minute 5 k, I am currently around 40 mins. I know what you mean about running alone but am considering trying a session with a local running club - just hope they are friendly and don't fall about hysterically laughing at the sight of me.


Ha ha Granny you sound just like me, I really can't run with people its so off putting! I am aiming for a 10K in about 6 months and in the meantime I am going to do a parkrun every other week and see if I can get my time down a bit. Everyone has different aims so you need to just go with your instincts, it is distance you want to get or better times? Have fun while you try and enjoy your music.


Oh I love your post, well done on your 5K. As for what next? Its entirely up to you, it is after all your running. :)

If you are going to be running 3 times a week I would suggest mixing it up, some intervals of faster (almost sprints) with slower recovery periods. Again its up to you what structure you chose. Some hill work is good for building your strength and stamina. You can then think about gradually extending your 5K distance by adding no more than 10% every now and again. All these will help reduce your 5K time as you get stronger and fitter. Good luck and well done again on your 5K and thanks for a lovely post :)


GJ, as MissWobble rightly wrote on my thread- a girl has to have a plan. Lots of people do a short, faster run, a 30 minute run and then a longer one. I can't offer any advice cos I'm up on down off the injury couch like a yoyo. I just reckon you need to listen to your body and be flexible about any plan you adopt depending on how you feel. Good luck m'dear with whatever you decide. Btw, what's wrong with Karrimor running pants? :)


Well you have to understand, I had loads overnight visitors in my icky little cottage, sleeping on the floors and settees, I was strung out like a piece of elastic, my son had a go at me as did my daughter - in - law , husband and sister ( think I was the choice of punchbag for the day ) I was almost in tears, then we get to the race and I have to contend with my Mum who cant walk far and thinks life is all about her ( she was cold, she was tired, why do people come so early and on and on ) My sister lost her paperwork and me being me sorted that, the race itself was amazing, absolutely amazing and all disagreements forgotten, but when I got home ( and we had to drive an extra 20 miles to get daughter home who needed to do a shop b4 she got there ) I was beyong shattered. Soooooooooooo I didnt shower until this am ( shock horror !! ) In the mean time I am in these bloody karrimmor things, I had returned 1 pair for the size 18 ( I am a 14 but the 16 was to small ) they came and the label said xxl , yeah right ! they were still on tight side, but kept them as fed up doing return thing . The seams dug in, the crutch was not where it should be and they were hot, do you get the picture, bottom line is decided Karrimmor is not for me , I would rather pay a bit more ( I do understand others might disagree, just saying how it was with me )


Mmmmmm...... grannyjudes, you are faced with the dilemma of every C25k post graduate and post 5k runner......speed or distance. In my limited experience I would say go for both. Oldgirl (who is always right!!) says mix it up and I agree. It is all about miles on your legs. The more you have clocked, the faster you will run 5k and the further you will be able to go. By having a good mix of running you will ensure that you still get new PBs, which are motivating, whether they are for distance, endurance or getting up some of those bloody steep Cornish hills.

As for your bloody Karrimor things, they sound like compression leggings, which are meant to be tight. Just be thankful you are not a bloke. Negotiating all your bits and pieces into those, without tears, is an art for us men.


I haven't quite got there yet -- but soon, I am going to ban myself from any consideration of pace (and hence overall time in a race). I am going to run distances -- and pay no regard to the time aspect at all.

I did a long bushwalk with a friend not so long ago - it was around 12klm -- we did it in the morning with plenty of time left in the day such that we wouldn't be still in the forest when night time came :) -- and we just walked it. We stopped for lunch and we chatted as we went along . I don't have much idea how long it took us really - around 4 hours. So, if I am unconcerned about the pace/time of that walk -- why am I constantly checking my watch, etc when running???????????? It's like a sick psychological disease!!!!!


I am sure it was JuicyJu who advocated running pantless !!


I suppose it depends if you are thinking of a race.

From my perspective it is a lot easier to run 10k than to get close to a 30minute 5K... I got up to 10k by planning interesting routes that were longer and longer with shorter runs in between and lots of other fitness supporting activities.


thanks everyone, I like google me idea, very untechnical and me ! but will also concentrate on shorter runs faster I think,


Personally, I'm happy with 5Ks for now, Sometimes I will pootle on a short run; sometimes I feel like 'going-for-it', and other times I'm just happy to walk/jog/walk and just enjoy life. It really depends on what you want to do, and only YOU can answer that one.

If you do aim for a 10K, what next? A half marathon? Or are you happy with an occassional attemt at a new PB aiming for a 5K target?

I'm still nursing a dodgy knee so I'm taking it easy and not going too hard ~ however, I did just miss an new cycling (average speed) PB by 0.2mph!! If it hadn't beed for those two dogs I slowed down for...who knows...


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