Couch to 5K

PUSH that body, PUNISH that body

'What to wear?' dramas...sunny day threw me off guard. I needed something to put my inhaler and all the sweets I opted for Mr Juicyju's Gore cycling coat...but he did suggest I try his cycling Gilet as it also had zips and mesh...I put it on and said 's*** whats that disgusting smell ?'...'oh it might need washing' was the reply...'when did you last wash it?' ...'er I haven't' ( he has had it about 5 months and worn it loads cycling!!!!!) it was on with the Gore and off with the Gilet ( its currently in the machine)...

First 2 k's was leon battling with a stitch and us shouting at each other..'why did you make me eat breakfast mummy, you know it gives me stitch,'....'because you are 12 and running a HM on an empty tummy makes me a crap parent'....more shouting continued but it made the time go quicker and before we knew it, it was 5k, time for a sweet and the usual leg aches and pains were starting to die down ( I make a conscious decision to entirely ignore them and they eventually give up)...Leon's stitch had mellowed and we were friends again discussing our stats and he was happy with whatever his Garmin kept beeping at him!!..

There were a few other runners and cyclists and they were all happy and smiley :) Only a couple weren't and we just decided they weren't enjoying themselves and had issues!!!!

We had fizzy randoms and milk bottles, and a foul tasting lucozade energy drink....Leon thought it had gone off!

Now....about 15k in is the parkrun hill...about 1.5k of total climbing, its a killer...I was getting tired at that point and leon just kept running and I walked for a couple of minutes...that was so so hard, I had to dig deep...Then there were so many flipping people on the suspension bridge who didn't like the idea of runners.....

Last 2k...Oh f*** f*** I can't do it....legs were killing me, I was tired, Leon was fine and just kept encouraging me when I was screaming, 'I cant do it, help me, I am going to die'( I am a bit dramatic at times)...I focussed totally on my Panther mantra:


My last k was the quickest ( 5 mins 51 secs)...that Panther mantra just works as I imagine it...

Finally did it in 2 hours 16 PB but felt good...I had a horrible feinty, sicky thing when i got home, but I just ate loads of lunch and lovely cheeses and it wore off...Leon is eating chicken and mash now, and he is fine!

I am going to stick with water in future...and I really don't like the sweets...I need something ( because Silky Steve told me )...suggestions welcome!

Oh and my daughter made us both a medal ( she had seen it on Blue Peter!!)

Happy Panthering everyone and keep the faith


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Impressive stuff JuicyJu. Inspirational. Have you tried dipping into a small bag of raisins? Sweet, delicious and they give up their energy very quickly. Like bananas but easier to carry.


Good idea ChrisL, a banana is a bit much in the trousers but I could manage a few juicy raisins... Thank you!


I notice your avatar image changes JuicyJu. What does the difference between sunglasses on and sunglasses off signify? And is it automatic or do you go in and change it manually?


I've had this avatar?!!! for ages but I changed to other one but its a bit boring so changed back to sunglasses!!! I like a bit of variety!!


"A banana is a bit much in the trousers"??? Yes indeed. Great run though. I did wonder whether you were training Leon or he was training you. I guess it's a bit of both; good to see you out there enjoying it together.


I'm not entirely sure!!! Yes I'll definitely give the banana a miss, far too big!!!


I do love your posts! So nice you run together :) not sure what to suggest snacks wise, I can't stomach food on a run and stick to water. Maybe nuts/dried fruits? Apricots are yummy! You can get snack packs with a mixture in? My OH likes blueberry flavoured yoghurt coated raisins? Sound gross, but he loves 'em!

Keep posting, your posts encourage me so much!


Good idea, apricots could be good.... I'd prefer not to eat anything if I'm honest but I had a really funny turn after my first long run more than an hour and a half so I decided then I might need a bit of fuel!! Thank you!


Blimey Ju you really cover some distance don't you? Well done! Great you do it together :-)


Thank you!!!


Nice post and well done on the family run - sounds like you both had a great time. I've been over that bridge when they had the Brunnel celebrations in Bristol so that's some view as you are running. I'd definitely drop the sweets as the sugar spike is short-lived and maybe look at something fruity. Make sure you replenish fluids though.


I am making it my mission to find some fruits... Problem is I am a chocoholic, I am renowned at work for my love of devouring creme eggs and buttons etc all day long so I do have a sweet tooth but I don't like hard core sweets. Problem is I think choc would melt!!!


You must really look forward to Easter then. Do you have something like Graze available at work ? Might help move off those chocolate treats.


I get Graze boxes too.. I am the queen of snacky snacks!!!

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Flippin' awesome achievement for both you and your lad. Congrats to the pair of you. I'm expecting to see Leon's name on a TeamGB list one of these days. Happy New Year JJ


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