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0.5km short of 10km but still happy as race 1 done!

Just want to say thank you to all your good luck messages this morning! I haven't chance to reply as sleeping (due to time difference) then getting ready for the race. So want to talk this opportunity to say thank you!!

First a technical question - i can't post pictures so how do you do it? - i have tried attaching and dropping into text box but with no success. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Race report - Take two - Already written this once so going to try again!

5am - Alarm went off oops!

7am - Partner hands a cup of coffee, he is doing the 5km race today and was up at 6am watching the Ryder Cup

Race prep starts with - 2 small cups of coffee, one unripe banana which due to race nerves was tricky to eat plus not pleasant as too unripe. Glad i decided against the toast, had some water as its going to be warm and took one headache tablet as I feel I might get a headache. Get dressed, capris are todays choice, water bottle loaded with chilled water and white bottle freebie in kit was not deodorant but anti foot fungal talc!! Doh!!!

8.20 - head to the start line a nice 10-15minute walk, partner jumping and skipping the whole way there - you would think we are off to fair or seaside, just so excited. Say hi to the race marshals and police along the way.

8.30-9am - absorb the atmosphere - have a look at the start line, felt like a horse at the grand national looking at the first jump.

9am - Diez, Nueve, Ocho, Siete, Seis, Cinco, Cuatro, TRES, DOS, UNO, VAMOS

The start is fast, very, very fast, we are all running together, 5km and 10km, winding in-between people looking for the gaps, say bye to my partner, straight on for 10kers. Right, just slow down, slow down some more the first 2km fly by and can i will use the word easy - back towards the park now the real work starts! up to 5km it was tough, stick to shaded part of the street as its getting warmer!

5km water station - plastic cup should i get one to pour over my head - no keep going its crowded!

Turn the corner and onto 6km, starting to feel better now. Look at Garmin - the course is going to be 0.3km longer - just thought better that than short (famous last thoughts). Then on to 7km, yep the course is going to be longer than 10km. Feeling good, notice a few people dive in front of me from a side street, cutting off 1-1.5-2km of the course - well they don't seem like they are struggling zooming off down the street oh well.

Then i see 8km marker thats not right my garmin hasn't buzzed! The course is short maybe they realised the markers were wrong so compensating. Now turn the next corner there is the 9km marker, knowing we were close to the finish i know the course is going to be short - look at garmin it says 8.5km. Oh no maybe i could run down the road and back to the finish - then i realised this would cause chaos! Just want to say i didn't cut out any of the route out! Cross the finish line the clock says 1.01 - should have sprinted but so worried about distance. Garmin says 9.59km in 1hour 38second, see what the chip time is later, was disappointed but told myself:

1) this is your first race

2) first race in Santiago, Chile

3) graduated in July

So I was happy! All that drama about not knowing how to sign up for a race, worrying about picking up kit then worrying about race day. It all went so smoothly and the race was very, very well organised. Loved taking part and will be signing up for a races in November and December! Lets hope that they are this well organised.

Had a little cup of Powerade after the race - wow what a little pick me up that was and only 200ml! So on long runs i will be putting some of that in one of my new bottles on my running belt for my long runs. I never knew an apple could be so good after a run too. Walked back, helped some lost looking Australian Tourists as not a lot of english speaking people about!

What's Next? Well i have another 10km race on 19th October - can't wait, then will signing up for races in November and December. Start hill training, increase long runs by 1km a week so next long run will be 11km. I want to race in the UK as I think there will be more atmosphere along the course as apart from the start/finish line nobody was out but thats ok. Finally, I will be purchasing some running sun glasses as its going to be sunny and will getting warmer and warmer now.

Steak lunch (well we are in SAM!) Had a few glasses of Chandon (Moet cheap cousin from Argentina but then less third of the price)

If you are thinking of a race do it! Even though it says its a race - the only real race is the one against yourself.

Happy Running Everyone!

Thank you for reading!

Plus EUROPE have WON the Ryder Cup !!! :) What a lovely day - Also noticed our race tops and caps were so co-ordinated with Europe's attire today.

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Whey hey! Well done Vixchile. You did it! Was thinking of you today. Great report and I can sense the atmosphere. I think your time was brilliant and you should feel very proud of yourself.

Can't advise on the photo problem but I know that if the photo is too big it won't load. Hopefully someone else can give you specific help.

And we're so chuffed we've won the Ryder Cup! Great telly. Love it.


Ah THANK YOU. It was a great morning, races are great! Just to keep you motivated and just to run with others.

I didn't try your arm technique but will try that when i am out and about.

I might have to see about changing the size of the photo then and see how that goes.

Its been a great Ryder Cup! I felt like shouting at the golfers on the course from our balcony EUROPE, EUROPE, EUROPE but i am not sure how it would have gone down!


That sounds amazing - well done! How did your man do? Good news about the golf - I snuck off for a snoozle this afternoon and hadn't heard the result!


Oh well done Vix! Mojo obviously behaved himself and helped you along :D Sounds like your first race was a wonderful adventure! :)


Yeah it did! Just glad I managed it and everything worked out. I am really ready for lunch now!


Well done Vix.

Great achievement for your first race. You should be very happy with yourself.


Thank you, yeah I am just would like the next one to be 10km so I can get a proper 10km time. But a good first race.


Yay ! Great post Vix, well done , fantastic achievement, enjoyed reading about it. Looking forward to the next one ! :-) xxx


Thank you, it's been a lovely day and great my partner was doing 5km too. I love this nhs programme!

Thanks again.

Ps - maybe seriously do 30 day shred rather than dip in and out. Get that core stronger


Yes Vix, I would definitely recommend it for overall strength. I feel stronger and I don't seem to sag in the middle anymore when I get tired, it really does work.

I finished it yesterday, I am just waiting for another one of Jillians to come, so I can get stuck into that. I actually missed doing the DVD today, Arrgggh what is happening to me ? I think my body has been taken over by little aliens doing crunchies and planks ha ha :-)

Enjoy your rest , you did amazing today, well done :-) xxx


The plank I am useless at that never knew 1second was so long! There you go - it shows little core strength, might do it tuesday from you tube as a post run torture.

I was just thinking whats difference a year makes! This fitness stuff should come with a warning!!


Well done you ! Great feeling I'm sure :)


Cheers it is and nice bottle of bubbles to celebrate after - it rude not to in chile


Well done Vix - great achievement and what a great first race! OK, so it was a little short on the distance, but that's nothing is it - you did it - you ran and completed your first race - yippee!!

I did think of you at about 1pm, which is the time here you said you were running. It's been a hot sunny day here in the south west, so you could have been here at home! But I'm sure that' soon going to change - certainly no need for running sunglassses - more like winter warmers!

Now go and have a good rest and enjoy your celebrations

:) xx


Thank you so much! I believe the weather in the UK has been brilliant and we have been told so many times it's has been unseasonably cold and wet here in chile. So I think we took the weather with us in May! Don't tell anyone though as they might escort us to the airport!

Yeah disappointed about the distance but what can you do, hopefully the other races will have a more accurate distance. Just got to love this running business!

Thank you once again.


Oh Vix what a great race report! Your whole day sounds absolutely amazing. Congratulations on your time and on everything you've achieved since you graduated in July. :) :) :)


Thank you so much! I had to stop and say look you only graduated recently so this a good first step on your running journey.

How is the knee? How is the running going for you?


Wow, that's fab! Graduated 3 months ago, and running 10K races? I'm sooooo impressed!And a great time too!

On the subject of photos, you need to start a new thread, and under the box where you type is another marked browse. Click that and you can upload a pic from your computer. I think you can only add one, I suppose you could edit them together in "Paint" if you wanted to add more. I believe there is a way to add pics directly from an IPhone, but I don't have one of those... there was a thread here about that a few weeks ago - by Aussie maybe?


Cheers - yeah not bad is it - i mean it did take me 7 months to get the programme done - but lets not talk about that!!

Thanks for your photo advice - i think the files are too big so need to change them - so no running photos from me - actually you guys have had a lucky escape there!!!


What a fantastic achievement! It sounds like a great experience - congratulations! On to the next one, eh? And don't worry about the distance, like you say, this was the first one so you can think of it as a sort of tester to see what worked and what you'd do next time :)


Thank you! Yeah it was a tester - do i like it? Yes I do! Running is great and i am hoping my sister will get the running bug too


Ah wonderful report, and a race well run :) Well done!!!!

I bet the bubbly tasted delicious afterwards.


Not the best idea - but you have to celebrate your first race don't you !


Well done Vix. Amazing journey since your graduation. And plenty more to come....



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