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I have almost finished C25K, having just done W8, run 1 and I finally feel like a bit of a runner! I am now looking for advice re music. I am looking for some already compiled suitable music of 30 - 40 mins (or longer) duration without going through the tedious adding a track one by one from itunes. Is the answer spotify? Other? Happy to pay if that helps.

My plan is to use my phone or my ipod for music and a recently purchased garmin watch for times etc.

Any advice gratefully received.


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  • I have both an iPod and an iPhone, to make a playlist shouldn't be that time consuming? Have you done it before? Also, have a wee look at the podcasts. I downloaded the stand comedy ones and listen to that sometimes! Or even an audio book, something a little different to music. Alternatively try you tube- for example there is an eagles album that plays continuously over the full cd effectively being a playlist :-)

  • You could move onto the C25k+ podcasts, available from here, which will keep you busy for a while. These 3 are with good old Laura!

    Then there is the Bridge to 10 k podcast, also free and from here, which will keep you occupied for five weeks at least. This is voiced over by Sami Murphy and the music is rather good I think (just a few duds). I love these podcasts and use them a lot.The Bridge to 10 k podcasts are scheduled for five weeks but they're tough and I got hung up on week four, but I kept plugging away til I nailed it. The music is chosen to inspire our running and it works. Some of the songs make me laugh too, which is all to the good

  • Misswobble, is there someone on the Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k podcasts telling you when to run/trot/walk/whatever and sort of 'jollying' you along? You can tell I need spurring on!!

  • She talks to you at the beginning to tell you what week you're on and what the run lengths will be and that you get a minute's break at so and so. She tells you when to start your five minute warm-up walk, when to start running, when to have a break, back to running etc and when your session is done. She'll then tell you to do the five minute cool down walk. The music continues for quite a while after that, long enough to get home (ish) She is not much of a talker though. Just the bare essentials. The music is very good, apart from a couple of duds. Week one is a bit of a poor quality recording, and mine finished early, but you can move on to week 2 and then it's fine for the rest of the podcasts. She will take you from a tentative 5 k er to a kick-butt 10ker.

  • Ooooh, sounds good. I might keep cracking on with Speed and Stamina and wk9 with Laura trying to get a bit more confident again and then try Sami after Christmas. Thanks missw!

    Sorry to interrupt your post lizziejj! Thanks!

  • I downloaded the Stepping Stones podcast, and have been using that. It's tricky on the treadmill to get the beat right, but I'm looking forward to using it outside this morning. Well done on your achievements so far!

  • Have a look at the Podrunner tracks too. They're free though a donation is obviously welcome!

  • I would deffo start at the beginning Curly, to get a feel for it. Week 1 is a bit of a poor quality recording but they fix the problem and the rest of the podcasts are fine. It's hard mind you but it will be a good challenge for you.

    Good luck!

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