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Born to be wild Quest - The final - new quest starting Monday.

Please feel free to add your thoughts on how the Born to be Wild Quest has been for you personally.

If you would like add your furthest distance so I can add it to the virtual run on Minday morning.

I will put up a new quest on Monday Morning

Happy running

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10km for me this quest.

I can't believe I have actually written that. I had to take two rest days after it but I will try it again next week.

Still watching myself as I really think that if I over do it with running or partying my cold will take hold again.

Happy running everyone.

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Well done! (I've had nearly six months of 'rest' since my 10k!)


Fab distance RFC! Well done.


Congratulations :) :)


I managed a personal best distance of 4.6km this morning so very happy.

My aim this quest was to improve my pace, and whilst I have not reached the pace I set myself I have improved from where I was 6 weeks ago and so am happy with that.


10 km for me this time too. I tend to have a couple of days off after a 10km too, and feel guilt tripped into doing 10km if I've had more than a day off already.

Looking forward to the next quest - thanks for all your effort running these rfc.


My goals were:

1. Get my distance up to 7K (done twice)

2. Start pilates classes again ( only managed one measly class in 6 weeks)

3. Do a parkrun (done)

So although my life is manic at the minute I feel quite pleased that I did so much but I need to get into a better routine and run more often. At the minute I'm managing only 2 runs a week and I really need to get more mileage in.

This is a great idea RFC. Thank you so much for organising and running.

I do want to do the next quest but am visiting my parents and won't have ANY internet access for a week! What am I going to do without reading all the posts and getting my daily fix? Will put in my new goals when I get back.

Well done all fellow questers!


I did 9km last Saturday and am really pleased with it.

My aim was also to keep running 3 times a week. Managed it for the first 5 weeks, but haven't been out since last Saturday as I seem to have some sort of lurgy hanging around - head feels wooly and throat is scratchy. MIGHT do a gentle 30 minutes tomorrow if feeling better but will stay in bed otherwise. Have however made myself get out and walk as much as reasonable. This is my longest stretch without a run for seveal months and feels a bit odd.


Oops so my longest distance was 7K!


My goal was to increase my distance, which I did with a 10k run with walk intervals. It's been a great quest for keeping me on target, thanks for the support folks!


Thanks RFC

It is helping me by making me set out my running plans, doing the runs, recording those runs and planning next week's runs. Gives me the kick up the jacksy to be organised

Also, it makes us total up our week's runs so we know just how far we managed to run.


Longest run: 5.3k I am pleased with my running this time - not only did that run see me achieving a personal best but I've varied the lengths of my runs and not just stuck to 30 minutes. I've also returned to some old haunts and had some really beautiful experiences... and picked up some new ambitions as a result, of which more maybe later.

My overall goal has been about achieving government recommended levels of activity ie 150 minutes a week of moderate activity, which for me includes both running and brisk walking, and swimming. Swimming a kilometre I've achieved several times over now so that's great. What I have learned is that I can't take this for granted - this is a tough goal for me to cope with, particularly if I am to fulfil other responsibilities of a normal life. I've not worked out the exact average over the whole quest but I'm in the ballpark.

What has been less successful and rather to my surprise is that I have not done as much yoga or as much meditation or relaxation as I aimed to do. My first thing in the morning session is fine but doing a longer session has slipped away from me. To be fair to myself I've started a few classes and found I had to give up - even a simple wrist health class - I just can't hold my arms out that long, it's not just about stamina, it was making me nauseous. Life is going to be stressful for a while and I need to make sure I do this!

Weight loss.... hmmmm, well..... actually what I was most bothered about when I set that goal was that I seemed to be putting weight back on and heading for the line between healthy and overweight. I do seem to have sorted that one out even though I've not lost any more weight. I think it was making my runs and swims a little longer that really helped turn the tide. (Especially since there have been birthdays!)

So, thanks for that RFC and looking forward to the next Quest!


Well done RFC!

I'm back running after 2 weeks off, 5 KM this morning, still 46 mins, but that's ok.. I'm still recovering..


Have just weighed myself and am totally amazed to see that I have just creeped down into next stone band !!! Can't believe as during last few weeks put on a bit then lost it then wasn't feeling great so my head was saying weight was up but no it looks like I have achieved part of quest .Over the moon - love how these 6 wk blocks keeps us focused on smallish goals Thanks RFC . Havnt managed usual amount or length of runs lately due to varies reasons but longest run was 7 k . Not managed swim session a week but fitted in 3 swims and increased no of lengths each time . So happy bunny. Oh and just bought new running shoes


Well done Rona - I seem to be creeping up towards the next stone bracket. Put on 6lbs in the last 4 months. Could it be muscle?????


Bet you it is Beth!!! Wish I knew why it's so easy and quick to put on the extra pounds but soooooo hard and long to lose them again Mind I have eaten so much today I prob have ' jumped ' back up to next stone band again Hey ho


My longest distance was 6.6k. Very pleased with that. I'm also feeling more positive about hills. Not finding them any easier, but they don't fill me with fear any more!


Longest distance is 8 k.

Thank you RFC for being so commited and regularly posting these quests for the last year. If you need any help in future, please let us know.


Longest distance with walk/run was 7.5k but continuous running only 4.9k. Will think about next quest which will almost certainly involve losing a kilo or two after Santa has delivered some extra poundage in my stocking. ;)

The quest idea is great. Gets me out even when I might otherwise pretend no one would notice if I didn't!


Did 10k in 70 minutes using Galloway method (run walk run - which is as fast as I could do it running all the time) and 7k running all the way.


Am I in the right Quest?

Anyway, last weeks runs totted up equals just over 33 kms

Training for a 10 k race on Sunday. Two short runs left to do this week.


Don't know if I'm too late with this,but I missed it on Friday.

My longest run,before things went a bit pear-shaped fitness -wise was 7.5K.

I completed my ' no-alcohol November ' too....stuck to that with no cravings !

Seems like despite no running for almost 4 weeks of this quest I managed to shift 1.8 that gives me a bit of leeway with the festivities to come :)

Well done everyone and thanks again Rfc x

Oops....nearly forgot,finally got out for my first run,post pulled muscles,on Friday....managed a 4.6K with three short walking breaks ....happy with that .Onwards and upwards for the next quest :)


Whoops, I'm late too with this one. My longest run was 5k again. x


5k for me. Thanks.


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