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The final Tri-ing to succeed -new quest starting Monday

It's Friday and the final of the Tri-ing to succeed quest. Anyone who wants to write how they have done in the last 6 weeks please feel free to post below. Also anyone who would like to add their longest run to the virtual run.

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My longest run was 5km

I also completed my triathlon this quest.

My running needs some work so I will be working on that In The next quest.

I am feeling a little lost without my training plan and race, even though I have made up a new one I need to work at a focus for my running. I might even be thinking about joining a running club for conversational runners but I am a bit nervous.


Go for it Rfc, I was nervous when I joined mine but it's turned out to be one of the best things I did - lovely to have company when out on a run, people who understand the same 'language'. Choose carefully and do your research, some clubs are more athletic and focused on high achievements, running groups are usually more social and all inclusive.


Totally agree with not bad and you should join running club but do research first to try and find best one for you. I've also been feeling bit of anti climax after race and prob need to be thinking of next goalWhat are we like . I sometimes wonder what we did / thought about before running?


My longest run was 7k and I'm very pleased (gonna try to repeat it tomorrow). I also managed my 3 runs a week pretty consistently. Last night I had a nice short (3k) run with my 16 year old daughter for company. I was dithering about going out, when she said that if I went she would come with me. Obviously she is way fitter than me so that encouraged me to go a bit faster than usual. She has said she'll do it again, which would be lovely.

Aim for next quest will be to work up to 8km and also to stick with 3 runs a week...


Sadly due to injury my longest run was only 2km, I've a niggling ankle injury so running longer distances are off the agenda for a while. Feel a bit miserable about it all really. So I'm hoping my physio & podiatrist can sort out.


Sorry about your ankle amber hope they can sort it out soon


My longest run was 5 k too but that was the race distance but now things are hotting up as I've entered a HALF MARATHON!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh Eek! I have downloaded my plan so know what I'm doing. Bit scary but I like a challenge

Good luck to my fellow questers!

Joining a running club is a good plan RFC !!!!! Don't forget though that NHS C25K can still be your official race club


Longest run 13km. I've had a good quest, but it's ended with a sore foot. :-(


Sore foot is not good not bad That read a bit funny doesn't it! Anyway hope it's nothing too serious


My longest run was 5.3k.

So I did not quite achieve my quest goal of 6k, but I have more or less kept up the 3runs a week recently.

Thanks Rfc and congrats on the triathlon. V impressive!


My longest run has been 7:3km, although I didn't manage to complete my quest of 3 x 1 hour runs :( only managed 2 this week.

I have however managed 3 runs each week

Well done everyone

Happy running :)


My longest run was my 1- year anniversary run of 12.6K.

I was away last week for 4 days and didn't take running gear,so just one run done (4.3K) before the break .....and this week just one run so far to the Speed podcast (3.5K) though I did an hour's cycling this morning and plan to run tomorrow morning.

Feel I've slipped a bit since my long run,but am ready to get involved with the next quest on Monday.....I must try to stick to 3 runs a week !

Thanks Rfc...you've had a great quest with the completion of your triathlon :)

Well done everyone....Happy running all :)


I set myself a target of running 120 km over the 6 weeks - that's 20 km a week, or one 10 km run, a Park run 5 km and a 30 minute speed/intervals run. I didn't run as much as I'd planned in my family holiday to China, but SportWatch amazingly says I managed 39.4 km walk/jog/runs whilst there (so I'm counting that).

My longest run was 12.15 km on 11 August, and last week's Park Run (my 5th) was also my fastest. In total I achieved 111 km.


Two runs again this week - both 5k.

Longest run of the quest 6k.

6 weeks ago I aimed for 2 or 3 runs each week, which I've managed. I also said my strength/fitness exercises would be locks and swing bridges. Only 3 or 4 days and 23 locks left before we're home.

Off for a run now. Looking forward to the next quest to keep me motivated.


Longest run was 10 k race so really pleased. Thanks for organising quests rfc I find they are really good for keeping up motivation . I think everyone has done really well Some folk have achieved their quest , some have run long distances, some maybe haven't done quite what they had hoped and some have picked up injuries but what is evident is how much running means to us all . Thanks fellow questers for being there whether I am celebrating a run or moaning and being grumpy . Goodness this is getting a bit soppy but you know what I mean Have a great weekend


I am really excited to see how many of my Quest goals have been fulfilled this time - in the nick of time. Thank you again to RFC and all who participate and contribute because it really makes a difference.

Yesterday I achieved my goal to swim 30 lengths (0.7km)

Tonight I've had the last run to get me to my goal of 25kms running for the quest (MarkyD I am so impressed with your distance!) My longest run was 5.54km.

I also wanted to do some supportive exercise and I've achieved my goal of doing some longer yoga sessions (that's been difficult, I've mostly not been able to do the full 30 minutes and we're not talking anything very vigorous - but I've managed to complete some classes)

Weight loss went a bit pear shaped (or should that be apple shaped?) and needs a bit of thinking about (I think I might re-acquaint myself with the NHS plan for the next quest... or some specific element anyway)

And my bike was blocked in by a pile of stone a couple of feet high that should have been a wall elsewhere in the garden by now but the landscapers seem to have gone bust :-(


Hi RFC, have partially achieved my goal by running again, but only on the treadmill, not outside. Haven't got very far (about 2.5k if you take out the walk breaks) but it's sooo much better than not running at all. x


Hi Rfc and fellow questers. I didn't quite achieve all that I intended to do mainly to move up from the 5k which was my longest distance. I did complete a 5k charity run and have signed up for and done 1 parkrun which also were goals so have managed to fulfil some of what I had hoped to do.

Well done to everyone - some great achievements in the posts above.


Hi everyone! My longest run was 10k, a tad disappointing as I was aiming for my previous pb of 15k but a spat of illness and injury laid me up for a couple of weeks. Still, I did complete BHF Greenwich parkrun 10k race which was great fun! Well done to everybody on their runs, look forward to the next one!


Hi rfc, didn't do as well as I'd hoped as I haven't managed to run at all this week. I booked into the wrong hotel abroad - well, not the wrong hotel, but it was not in a good spot for running, being by a motorway on an industrial estate and I didn't fancy it! So my longest run of this Quest was 5.3km and my target for the next Quest is still to aim to do the 5ks regularly and comfortably so I can do the Colour run in October. Which is coming up on my calendar quite soon :O


Hi, My longest run was 6k. Got "delayed" with a bout of sciatica, but ran through it albeit for reduced distance. On a positive note, I have tackled that big hill on the way home (I cheated and got my husband to drop me off at k2). I ran it on intervals, count to 100 when running then count to 20 to walk. And it worked.

Next week I will be counting to 10 during the intervals, and if this works.......

So please count me in for the next quest. Still trying that 8k.



I need to revise my longest run. It was 7.02 km. Go me!

Good luck with this week's runs fellow Questers!

Thanks to RFC for organising us. Respect!!!!


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