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Born to be wild Quest Wk6 - Feel free to join

Hi and welcome to the 6th week of the quest

I cant believe we are at the last week of this quest. As usual on Friday I will put the post up so any one who ants to can put how the quest has for for them.

The next Monday I will start the next quest. That is going to be a really special one for me, as it is a year since our first quest. I cant believe I have been constantly exercising all that time. Apart from an enforced two week break after the op.

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks. You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you will be a graduate or about to graduate to join the quest. The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will then be added to the top post and every week your name will be in the quest until the end.

At the end, only for those that would like to, we each put out longest run of the quest and it is then marked on a virtual run we are doing from John O Groats to Lands End.

Then it all starts again for another six week Quest.













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Well shame on me for feeling so confident last week. I got the dreaded bug that's been doing the rounds. So I haven't done one bit of exercise since Thursday. Dosed myself up on my new tincture that seems to do wonders and now I am getting ready to go for a little run. I wont push myself too much but I would like to do 5KM. this tincture I found is great.

1/4 tsp ginger powder

1/4 tsp cayenne. The heat is lovely with a cold

1 tablespoon cider vinegar

2 tablespoon water

4 tablespoon honey

juice of one fresh lemon

mix it up in a jar and have a spoonful when needed. all good healthy stuff, you can even add a bit to hot water and drink it. cheaper than the cold remedies as well.


It's nice to have a special treat kept just for when you have a miserable bug. Hope you enjoy a gentle trip out in the fresh air and clear your head.


Thanks for sharing the recipe. Gonna make some for my daughter when I get home !


That tincture of yours sounds perfect for coldy bugs...will be jotting that down today...hope I can find cider vinegar over here .

Hope you feel the benefit of your first run since last week....take it easy :)


I hope you feel better soon. That sounds like a great natural tool to help ease your symptoms. I do something similar: I make fresh tea with honey, lemon and ginger.


Haven't got a cold but will try this anyway RFC, it sounds great and warming now the sky heating has been turned off.


An interesting week. Ran twice in the same place, but different directions. Not been there for ages and now toying with the idea of aiming for a really big push and going right round the reservoir (14kms or so, will take me a couple of hours) The first run was a real privilege, the most fabulous late afternoon winter light. The second one the weather was proper dreich but still a good experience and 5k. Two km swims and a brisk walk and I had comfortably exceeded my target.


this comes at a price. For the second week I've not done a longer yoga session which is part of the quest, just my little morning practice. I've also not had the energy to do any housework and have felt gradually more and more ill. I pushed the envelope and now can't punch my way out of a wet paper bag!


Oh dear Google Me. Are you trying to fit too much in? I did something similar this last week, and felt out of it today. Could you fit in an extra rest day? Maybe swap a run for a yoga session?


It's funny how we get stuck running a route in the same direction. It really changes it if you run it the other way doesn't it?

Sounds like you're doing really well on the quest. I'm also trying to add more yoga into my routine to help stretch me out a bit. I like the idea of a quick morning practice - thanks for posting.


I had a good running week last week.

Monday I decided just to go out and do 3k - no targets or anything, just for fun. so I did and it was.

Wednesday I did Speed while waiting for my son to have his clarinette lesson. (lesson is 30 minutes which makes speed a good choice. I prolonged a bit by jogging through the cool down bit, then walking back to my car when I was done) Gave me another 3k.

Saturday I did my long run - longest to date (9k) and met my target for the quest.

Giving myself until tomorrow to recover from long run, and so will do 2 shortish runs on Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday morning will be longer, but not sure yet whether I'll do 9 again. Might decide to restrict my time to an hour and see how far I get.


I've done my usual three runs this week, though push on by a day as I had a cold so gave myself another rest day! Having done the c25k+ stepping stones podcast the week before I downloaded some 155bpm music and used that this week. I've found that I have increased my pace each run the last week and so this morning tried 160bpm music! This morning I managed my 4k loop in just under 27mins so don't think I will manage it in 25 mins by the end of the quest, but it is still better than the 30 mins it took me at the start! We will see how I go this week.


That's a great improvement in time!


Well,another complete rest week for running that is,though I have been getting a little more activity,a few gentle walks with stepdog and over the weekend some hefting of logs from our own and our neighbours log piles neighbour has just returned from hospital ,so I've been in and out sorting her stove etc. and my OH has just returned from a week away,so I've been getting all our logs in myself this he's back I'll be glad of the rest ;)

I've tried to be careful,but I pulled my back yesterday being over-ambitious with my log carrying to ext door...thought all my plans for resuming running this week were scuppered,but I've just walked her dog and there are no adverse aches and pains,so I plan to run tomorrow...definitely ...before I turn into a Lardy couch potato and those feelings that I am no longer a runner that were creeping in last week return again.

Have a great running week everyone :)


If you haven't tried it, the two tennis balls knotted into a sock worked a treat on my muscle pull. You probably have it covered but just mentioning in case. Squish the balls close together before knotting them in, fit the gap between them over your spine and roll up and down the wall. S'lovely and helps the quads a bit too.


Cheers for that ,Slooks...I will bear that in mind for next time .....cos there will always be a next time for me .... I seem to do this in a regular basis !

Have a good running week :)


I fitted in my planned 6x30 minute runs last week. I also did an additional 8k run yesterday, which was probably a mistake, as I felt wiped out this morning. It was such a lovely day though and I haven't been on a long run in ages :-( No run for me today but I hope to get 4x45 minute runs in this week.


I'm still coughing, haven't run for nearly two weeks :-(


Try RFC's linctus, above. Sounds lovely! Hope you stop coughing soon.


Poor'll be catching up,with me soon ! It's really crap being out if action isn't it?

Hope you feel completely better and can get out there again very soon x


Did 3 x runs last week, two shorter 4/4.5k and the last one 5k. I had been doing walk/run and thought I had better check to see if I could still run continuously for 5k and I can. No quicker but felt much more comfortable with the breathing and hills. Will continue with some walk/run and a continuous run just to make sure!

Have been putting off restarting the 10k plan but will give it some thought for the next quest, but tempted to stick with 5k until the weather cheers us all up in spring. Feeble excuse, I know.


Okay, I need to fess up. I had to put in a " missed session " on my BUPA plan yesterday . My first missed one since August - Pah !

I was out Saturday night and didn't get to bed till really late . I had about four hours kip then had to get up at six to get ready to go see my Mam and then was out for most of the day . I was too tired , cold and hungry when I got home to go out again.

Anyway, I have given myself a big kick up the jacksie and will be having an early night tonight and will be back on track tomorrow , so only 2 runs last week , not my usual 3 xxx


I need to fess up too. I've not run since my MoRun 9 days ago. The cold's gone but it left me with a head full of yuck (I know, too much information) Daren't run in case it all migrates South on to my chest. Gonna try get out Wednesday morning, first thing. Wish me luck :) Definitely going to make some of your tincture RFC, it sounds fab


Good luck for Wednesday...hope you manage to get out and start to feel better x


Thanks Carole, I'm going to give it my best shot. Annoyingly, I feel absolutely fine, just can't breathe!! :-/


Aw EM, poor you xxxx

I too have got a head full of gloop, horrible isn't it ? I bought a little steamer from Home Bargains, and I fill that with hot water and some Olbas Oil . Its got a little plastic nose mask on the top of it and I use that. Its fab ! Just the same really as inhaling over a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head , but you can walk around with this. I just stick it over my nose and off I go , its got a handle on each side too . It seems to clear your head a bit , worth a try.

Let me know how you go on with the tincture ( I love that word :-)) and I hope you feel better soon xxx


Wow Pops that little gadget sounds like the bees knees. As my sister once said, I'm a martyr to snot! Yuk!! I feel fine, just a little oxygen deprived, which isn't the best feeling when you're lacing up your running shoes. Oh well, hopefully the tincture will help, or at least taste like it's helping :)


Yep it is , its a portable steamer/inhaler , and at £1.49 an absolute bargain , win -win :-)

Im going out tonight come hell or high water , I cant cope with the guilt of having a red square ( missed session ) on my interactive training plan . Oh the shame ! :-)

Take care xxx


Good luck with the run Sweetie. Perhaps I need something to guilt me out of bed and into my trainers! x


Aw thanks EM, oh I wish I could make you better , must be horrible having breathing problems xxx


Two runs for me last week - 5k on Tuesday and 10k on Saturday. Bought a bandage for my knee after it gave me grief Tuesday. Slightly better on Saturday, didn't start hurting till about 9k. Might have to see doc or find a physio :(


Can't believe this is the last week!

Only 2 runs last week, a 5K and a 6K but managed a gym session with weights, no pilates this week. Step son and daughter-in-law had their first little one so it's been a hectic week! Oh and got a nice long walk in so that all counts!


Oh congratulations step grandma princess


Thank you Fitfor60. The third girl! Stepdaughter has 2 girls so it's a good job I've made one of the bedrooms a princess room!


A princess room sounds fantastic !


Have done NO running, pilates or tai chi since last Tuesday Ziltch not a thing !!! Really not like me at all but went down to daughters on tues and was on babysitting duties day and during night as 2 yr old wasn't well They all cam back with us on Thursday for birthday party When they went home on sun I had sore throat and felt unbelievably tired so went to bed also was eating everything in sight. Anyway developed into migraine but luckily worst almost over now So planning very short run tomorrow and see how I feel . The VERY VERY strange thing is I don't have my usual massive guilt feeling about overeating and yes I wished I had managed to do normal running and exercise but in the scheme of things it all really doesn't matter ( did I really say that!) so I am taking this week as a success as I am seeing a big shift in attitude. Just hope legs remember what's expected of them tomorrow ! Have a good last week of this quest everyone.


Great attitude! I believe that when you're ill your body sometimes craves stuff to get better. It needs the extra calories. I once ate 42 chocolates in one sitting after a bout of flu! I don't even like chocolate that much but my body obviously needed them! Good luck for tomorrow.


When I am about to get a migraine I crave fat, bread and salt! So cheese on toast - even though I know it will make headache worse ! - or french toast both with wee pile of salt on side . Normally can't stand salty food and never add it when cooking Very strange I princess


Hope the migraine has cleared up and I am so pleased to hear that you are being a bit easier on yourself. Guilt is a real bu**er and, in the circumstances, not even appropriate but it can be so invasive, so good on you Rona. Keep thinking well of yourself, you are a lovely person x


Oh thanks for lovely words Beth Just been out for 12 min run - and that includes warm up . Felt fine but didn't want to do too much as can feel bit wabbit for couple of days after migraine .


I am heading out now. Thinking 3k will be my goal.


It hasn't been the greatest week for getting out and increasing my distances, but I've gotten out and run just the same. I was hoping to cap off the quest with another long run this morning but wasn't feeling too hot at the top of the hill about 2k in. I decided to turn around and take a short one today. I don't know if I"ll get a chance to squeeze another long run attempt in before the end of the quest - but if I do I'm going to drive somewhere that's flatter, to give myself an easier go and put myself back in the right headspace.

Happy questing folks!


Only did two runs this week. On Wednesday I ran upstairs half a dozen times in lieu of doing intervals. Which was preferable to going out in the cold rainy morning! But I do not intend to make a habit of it.


Well, it's been an odd week again! No upper body work (shoulder is still bad) but I am doing this RunStreak thing. So I ran on Tuesday, which was a reasonable-length run, but since Thursday I have run one mile every day. And I'm knackered! You wouldn't think that 'just' running a mile would be a problem, but I'm obviously very used to my rest days. I had a big weekend in London as well, which saw me eating and drinking far too much, although there was a lot of walking in there as well, to be fair. So the weight has gone up again :( so it's a mad drive to get it back down before the end of this week. Focus!

Good luck to everyone else, whatever you're doing :)


I hope you soon feel better RFC!

42 kms run last week


Crumbs!! Think you're doing my share as well as your own :)


I would like to join the quest and would like to run 10k by the end of the six weeks. I can do 7 at the moment. So this will keep me motivated.

Thank you g1ggles


I will add your name above and on to Monday's post next week. Welcome onboard.


Thank you.


I've had a good week for running and been out 3 times. I did indulged in far too much wine and food when I was in London though, but like fitfor60 I am not going to feel guilty about that. It was my 33rd wedding anniversary so worth celebrating!. Mind you dancing til 2am and walking 3 hours a day must help counteract the overindulging a bit. So back to running... the best thing was that Davie and I did 9.33k on Sunday morning using run walk run. Not fast at 70 minutes but I am thinking the c25k and beyond facebook group virtual 10 k is within my grasp. That's next Sunday at 10am. Didn't manage to get to running group last week and may not get back from work in time tomorrow. I will be trying my hardest to get there though. Yoga has taken a bit of a dip though and I've not done it for 2 weeks. Going to the class tonight. Hope everyone who is feeling ugh feels better soon and RfC's tincture sounds great. Enjoy the last week of this quest x


Congrats on wedding aniv Sounds like you had lovely time Hope you can make running club tomorrow You'll be fine for the 10 k - just keep imagining johns voice ' gently' encouraging you all the way to the end


Yes, we had a great time thanks. I will do my best to get there tomorrow, I am working in Glasgow though so it depends on which train back I manage to get. Yes, I think John's dulcet tones will def help me...especially on any hills!


Wey-hey! I FINALLY ran for 5k last week - twice, Monday and Wednesday. Not done it again since, been a busy old week for me. Ran on Sunday morning, but only 3k and ran today with a partner, a first for me. It was SO hard to run and talk! I'm not sure how far we ran or what pace we were running at. We'd not met before, found each other on a local neighbourhood social network; didn't take any technology and didn't run a route that either of us have already 'measured'. But oh! that running and talking.....

I need to try the 5k route again later this week. The trains are not running out of SAV again (signal problems again) so my train out, canal run back will not happen this week.

Been intrigued by the cadence posts I've read lately. I don't have a garmin to measure it for me, but might investigate that next.

Have a great week 6 folks!


Congratultions on reaching that magic 5k. It's a milestone. Rest assured, running and talking does get a bit easier I can chat away when I am running now - for the first few minutes !


Thanks lizziebeth, that's really good to know.


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