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Born to be wild quest wk2 -Feel free to join

Hi and welcome to the 2nd week of the quest

I'll keep this short as my internet is terrible and my gadgets seem to of gone on strike. I am home tomorrow so hopefully normal service will be resumed

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks. You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you will be a graduate or about to graduate to join the quest. The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will then be added to the top post and every week your name will be in the quest until the end.

At the end, only for those that would like to, we each put out longest run of the quest and it is then marked on a virtual run we are doing from John O Groats to Lands End.

Then it all starts again for another six week Quest.













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how exciting to be first !

Last week I managed my 3 runs.

Tuesday I did a "home made" version of "speed". Basically I wanted to do hte podcast, but I didn't want to listen to it... So I programmed my garmin for 60/60 run walk intervals, and put the News Quiz on my music player. For the first 5 minutes I ignored the beeps and just jogged at a steady pace. Then I did 6 sets of alternating fast/slow for 60 seconds each. Worked pretty well. Did 2km in around 17 minutes and felt I'd had a good workout.

Thursday was big run day: Weather was good, so I took my kit to work with me and jogged home in the sun. I work half time so this was early afternoon. I already wrote a post about it so won't bore you. Did just over 8k and will definately do it again sometime.

Saturday and Sunday morning I was away participating in a conference. This is France and conference = FOOD ! Each meal was 3 courses (actually, cheese was available too for those who wanted 4 courses) and there was cake during the breaks in case anyone was at risk of fainting from hunger. I didn't eat the cake, but I did eat the food, including dessert. So by time I got home mid-afternoon on Sunday I was feeling somewhat sluggish and weighed down. After a suitable time for digesting I went out for a 30 minute run. Did me the world of good.

Plan for this week is two late afternoon short runs on Tuesday and Thursday and then a longer run at some point during the weekend. (Probably Sunday, because Saturday already looks busy !)

happy running all


Hi RFC Thanks for doing this for us

I am still running 3 times a week

Have joined the local jog group and ran 11.15 k

Ran a half marathon (Yay)

Ran Park run on Saturday (5 k, also yay)

Back to my fitness DVD workouts. Re-started today after a wrist injury

Doing recovery runs and then it's in training for a 10 k race in December


What a week miss W ! No stopping you now. This week I managed 3 ' usual ' runs but didn't make park run as had one daughter etc staying weekend as granddaughters 6 th birthday party Actually was couple of weeks ago but she like the queen and has one in whitley bay and one here in Edinburgh. All went swimming yesterday buy can't really count that as more like a splashalon. Had to force myself out after they went and ran round Arthur seat - to be honest I had to walk / run on way up but had great run on way down.

Sort of quite pleased on food front though. Not great but not ' eat everything in sight' week so happy considering all children and grandchildren here all weekend so lots of extra food about. Hope Anniemurph, Rfc,suzybenji and karenoc have all managed to lose weight - or at least felt they were in control of what they eating. ( apologies if I've missed out any other questers trying to drop few pounds this quest)

Happy running everyone


Congrats on the half marathon, misswobble - that's so impressive!


Wow,Miss W...that's quite an achievement...I'm in awe .You are doing fantastic stuff :)


Thanks RFC, I hope your technology issues are resolved now you're home. I've been having some of those too!

My week didn't go to plan as it took me a while to get over a cold - my Nordic waking instructor thinks it was an energy sapping virus that has been doing the rounds. So I don't feel I've made any real progress towards my quest aims, but I did manage to get out for 3 runs.

Monday 3k in 25mins.

Wednesday 1.7k in 13mins.

Friday 2.4k in 21mins.

This week seems to be starting off much better,so fingers crossed. And, I've forked out for a new mobile phone as the old one was dropping network and GPS signal constantly.


2 runs and a gym session for me last week.

10k Thursday - not that good, had to walk a bit and managed to do something not too good to my knee. By the evening it was making noises a knee really didn't ought to make!!

Had already booked a trial session at a gym for Friday, so went and did a few upper body/core exercises, 500m on the rowing machine and 10 mins on a cross trainer, which was all OK on the knee.

Tried a 3k yesterday afternoon and the knee held up, so I don't know what was going on there!

Does anyone know if there's an alternative to ice for problems? Is there a spray or anything that can be bought from a pharmacy? The boat only has a small freezer compartment which usually contains ice-cream - gotta get the priorities right ;)



Ouch, folkieboater - hope the knee is better soon!


Thank you. Didn't get out to test it today. Tomorrow maybe.


Not a bad week. Managed 3 runs (speed, 5k and long) plus 2 sessions of weights and rowing in the gym. Did 6K today so on plan. Haven't done park run yet but I did run around the route last week! Won't be able to do it for a few weeks due to social commitments. Haven't done pilates class yet but got the details and have to book apparently as they get so busy!


Ibufren gel is good


That's what I used. It seemed to do the trick. Didn't know if there was any ice version of deep heat. Thank you.


I've done my usual 4km loop three times this week and last Monday did it in 29:35, but this morning did it in 28:25 so am on my way to dropping it to under 25 minutes. I may download the 5K+ speed podcast to see it that helps with the quest.


Achieved my 150 minutes which included a run (I think!), a swim and walking. I was pleased with this as it was a tough week. Two relaxation sessions rather I think than three but I did only decide on my goals half way through the week. Mind you, I remember nothing of most of the second so I think I fell asleep.

What was not so good was addressing my eating so as to make progress with the weight loss. Some days although I wasn't eating for weight loss, my choices were the right ones overall. However I did not actually need to eat the veggie jelly hand from hallowe'en games (that's a whole packet) or eat any of the chocolate and I'm not normally all that bothered about such things.


Okay, but some days your eating choices were the right ones. Write the jelly hand off (really? :D ) as just one of those things and focus on the better days. Just like you did with bad runs! And you managed your 150 minutes in a tough week, which is great. I love the idea of falling asleep in a relaxation session - you got that one spot on!


Took advantage of some warm weather this morning to extend my distance. Made it to 6.3 km (with a 30 second walk that I'm not counting because I swear that hill grows). I'm realizing it will be challenging to increase speed or distance over the winter because of the ice and the huge number of folks waiting for cardio equipment at the gym. I'm realizing I'll have to jump at every opportunity to get in the quality runs over the next 5 or so months.


Hills :( But 6.3k - :)


So much achievement is about taking the opportunities when they come. Well done.


Well done everyone

I did my 3 5k runs but not much luck on the general weight loss front. And only did one shred. Need to improve this week! X


3 5k runs is great! I think my legs would give up if I tried that. Perhaps the weight loss will show up next week - I hope so :)


Thanks RFC. I did my 3 runs last week. I ran 5k twice and one run of 4.77k :0). Went to running club this evening and we covered almost 5k even though it is interval training most of the time. Aiming for parkrun this Saturday.


I'm really impressed with those of you who can run 5k more than once per week! I hope parkrun is fun :)


I think I paid for it last night left thigh was aching (the abductor I think), but our group leader is a physio so she gave me some good stretches that I must make sure I do after a run. There are stretches that I used to do when I used to go the gym regularly so it was a bit daft that I hadn't been doing them. Thank you :0). You did well as well - a sub 35 min 5k is really good. I have managed a couple of those but Sunday's run was closer to 36 mins. Not gonna worry too much though.


Hi everyone! Well, I had a very successful week! I ran a practice 5k - got on the bus in all the glory of my lycra :O and ran back down the Trail, managing my first sub-35min 5k - woohoo!!! Okay, it was only 34min and about 40 seconds, but hey :D Oh, and it was further than I thought, so I actually ran for 5.6k which is the longest for ages. Then on Sunday I did my Poppy Run, although that actually came up at just short of 5k but I was still pleased to have completed it.

On the weight loss front, I had a birthday, so immediately put on two pounds, dammit. They've gone now, so I'm back in control (ha!). Haven't done anything about the upper body toning but it's been a busy week - need to get onto that this week - somehow!

Happy running everyone, and good luck with all the other goals!


Well done on your sub -35 min 5K .......fantastic ( wish I could manage that..I've come to the conclusion I'll never be fast !)...... and a belated Happy Birthday to you...mope you had a lovely day x


Thanks, Carolecal :) Yes, the sub-35 mins surprised me as well, but it is all downhill :D The Poppy Run wasn't anywhere near that, but there was a lot of 'traffic' what with people suddenly stopping, people running and walking four abreast, sudden corners and other park and path users, so it was always going to be slower. Basically, I prefer running on my own!


Sounds like a very successful week (maybe sometime next year I'll see if I can get my 45m 5k PB down). I prefer running by myself too.

Glad the birthday present pounds were not a keeper!


My first 5k ever was 47 minutes, so it can be done :) I have no ambition to go any faster, but as you know, the Tissington Trail is all downhill from Buxton :D

Yes, the birthday pounds came off as fast as they went on, luckily. Phew!


Hi Rfc and fellow Questers,well ...last week was quite a good one( going by my recent standards ) and I got my three runs in..a 5.7K which included the Speed podcast,a 7.5 and finally a rather damp 3.5 K " quickie " cut short by the weather...sheeting down rain and distant thunder...but I really wanted to get out and try the £12 fluoro running jacket I picked up in ..sssshhh.....Primark . It really is the most bilious colour and certainly won't do much for the eventual winter pallor of my face when I first set out...and even less when I'm all ' pinked up ' on my way back...but it performed quite well,my shirt was fairly dry underneath it,plus it's got a hood in the collar...but I hate hoods and only put it on when the drizzle turned to steady rain ,so I still returned home like a drowned rat.

The delicious Saturday night curry , my OH cooked ,was still sitting a bit heavy in my tum( shouldn't have eaten ' seconds') so that was another reason to cut it short :)

No action on the x-trainer or rowing machine, but lots of garden clearing done.

This month, like last November, is my " Stoptober" so no alcohol will be partaken of...I didn't do Stoptober husband had a big birthday and we were away ,celebrating with family hoping that will aid a little weight loss :)

Have a good running week everyone x


Great that you got your three runs in (including a quickie, go you! :D ) and the jacket sounds okay even if it is a bilious colour. Best of luck with Stoptober - here's hoping for weight loss for you and many of us, as well as happy running x


Whoops, forgot to update on Monday! Just had a good read of everyone else's updates and am enjoyed that. I did my 3 runs this last week, a 5k steady run, a jog scotland session of 5k (with walking breaks) and a 6.3k using the galloway method of run walk run, which surprisingly ended up as 'speedy' as if I had ran at my usual pace all the way. I also did 2.5 hours of yoga in two classes. Pretty pleased that I did them all and they all went well. Have a great week everyone!


Thanks RFC and another late arrival for Monday ... and last week ... Did 7.5k x 3 last week, but more walk than run for the 1st, more run than walk for the 2nd and mostly run for the 3rd. This week 1 x 7.5k mostly run and 1 easy 3.5k run so 2 more 7.5k to go: today and Sunday.

Some leg stretches and have been particularly doing calf strengthening for the uphills. Have also been doing wall squats with the tennis balls in the sock rolling up and down for a bit of a back massage (back twinges almost gone now with just an occasional reminder if I corner too quickly).

Think more of the same next week.


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