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Frosty pavements

Just wanted to ask how other people have found running in frosty weather? I'm a little apprehensive about running on frosty pavements! I either run in the evening or in the morning after breakfast when there is still frost around. I'm used to walking the dog in the frost but am a little nervous of going arse-over-tip and doing myself a mischief which I really don't want to do as I have just graduated and am conscious that I do NOT want any excuse to slide back into old couch-potato habits. Do you use extra grips on your trainers? or are trainers really grippy?

If the ground gets really hard I will run in the park again (its really boggy at the moment) but I'm toying with the idea of joining a gym for the winter months.

... or am I just being a wimp?

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I'm glad you asked this cos I'm rather worried about it too!


good question :) so far I havent encountered any frosty or too slippery paths so will be interested to see what people say too


I have met ice on my run and it's no joke! You could break your leg! I waited til later in the morning to give the sun a chance to thaw things out, and found that to be the best bet. Like you I don't mind putting my walking boots on and walking the dog but running is something else entirely. Trail shoes are grippy but not on ice. I think folks who run in icy conditions must have special ice spikes or something. I wonder if Yak Trax would work. I might try some myself as I have to get some for walking the dog. I got some Bettaware jobs but they're tiny! No use at all

I slipped the other night on a metal grating as it was slimy met with leaves. It's a game innit

Take care out there folks!

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Great question as I also really worry about this! I had a non-run day today and was alarmed on the school run to see lots of ice/frost around, so bit concerned about my run tomorrow. Someone else recommended yak trax to me, but I wonder about whether this effects your bounce/impact and if that could affect how you run or your joints..? I can't really go running during the week at any other time other than first thing, so this is a really important consideration for me. Likewise am interested to see what people say. Running in well-lit areas where you can hopefully have a chance of seeing ice, etc. might be a good idea if you can...


I've got Yaktrax for my dog walking as I have to earn my living. I've never run in them but the website does say you can use them for running and I have seen people wearing them for running in.

I did find them very weird on pavements that were just a bit frosty or icy but fantastic on snow,either compacted or not. I might try them if the weather gets worse but I run more on trails and the tow path rather than pavements and they tend to have a bit more grip.

Stay safe everybody xxx


I'll be interested to see what others have to say as well. I did a run(?) this afternoon and the ground was still very icy but I was able to go onto the grass or muddy bits if I thought it looked bad.

I have joined a gym as I'll be out during daylight hours after Christmas, I don't run round here in the dark and I don't want to wait until it gets light again so I didn't feel I had much choice, but I'd prefer to only use it when I absolutely have to.



I know...I have run in the snow last year but it wasn't too bad underfoot. I guess if the ground is smooth and flat then you could slip, I suggest running on the actual road ( I do this alot as I hate undulating pavements) at quiet times as it may have been gritted???


Head-torch, trail shoes and stick to the muddy bits? Good suggestion about gritted roads too, might give that a go.


I bought some boots similar to these and I 'jog gently' in them rather than running flat out. Better than staying on the couch and better safe than sorry!


I went out on Tuesday along a railway line that is now a path and there was still small patches of black ice at 11.30 am. I ran over a couple and they were very very slippy, my shoes had absolutely no traction, and I won't be doing that again. I know some folk here have run in snow and it's been fine, they have even managed to run on ice (with spikes) but I think there are certain conditions that are incompatible with running. That said I managed to run 2 or 3 times a week all of last winter (in Edinburgh) so hopefully manage the same this year.


Thanks for all the comments. I went out this morning - some pavements were frosty, some weren't. I asked Mr-Fit-the-husband (he runs miles and miles every Saturday morning in the dark come rain, come snow, come gloom of night - you get the picture!) and he said frost is not a problem as it is actually 'spikey' and not slippy! I'm not so sure ... I've heard that if you try to run cautiously then you will slip but if you run with confidence you won't ... again, I'm not so sure! Well, this morning I ran on the pavements that weren't so frosty, and even did a bit in the road (plog-dog on the pavement, though - she's got four-wheel-drive paws!) when I was going downhill. All good and didn't slip.

So I guesss it's just a case of taking it one run at a time - I've got some Yaktrax type thingies so I shall try them, or do the cheap version of socks over trainers, or do the same as Gingernut and get some snow boots.

And if the snow comes down in buckets and hangs around for ages I might try the gym!

Or maybe I'll buy a dog sled and plog-dog can become 'mush-dog'!

But maybe she should be re-christened 'jog-dog' now that I have a shiny 'graduate' badge!


I like "jog-dog"!


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