Graduation day....with a little help from Frosty!

Yay! I graduated! Very early this morning, I set off under gloriously blue skies and bright sunshine. Along the canal I ran, ducklings, geese and coots for companions. I felt summer might finally be on its way...until Frosty the snowman came through my headphones! For some reason my "running" playlist had disappeared so I'd selected "shuffle" to save time. I had to run listening to Christmas songs for most of the 30 minutes whilst sweating like a piglet (use a fiddly armband which I can't undo whilst running). Anyhoo, not sure why but somehow my run went very well and time flew.

I really want to thank you all for your inspiring blogs and encouraging words. I spend an inordinate amount of time on this site and love reading you all. It 100% helped me get to graduation and will no doubt keep me going when I falter.

Off to create my running playlist, leaving Frosty behind til December!


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  • LOL! Great blog, Stephanie! Please do let us know how you get on from here. Are you going to do B210K?

    Congratulations on graduation!

  • Hilarious! There's nothing like listening to 'club tropicana' during christmas time, as I have found out!

  • Congratulations on graduating - it's a great feeling. Wouldn't worry too much about the Xmas thing, there is around 166 days to go - you've just started earlier than anyone else!

  • Congratulations and well done you! I did laugh at you finishing to Frosty the Snowman! 2 weeks post graduation I have yet to let go of my podcast comfort blanket. :-)

  • Lol. Congratulations on graduating. Lol to the shuffle songs,.

  • Well done, that's brilliant, loving the Christmas songs in July!! :-)

  • Thank you so much! I tried to leave individual comments as they came but they would not publish for some reason, which I didn't realise straight away so doing a group one now.

    Grammadog, congrats! No B210k for me yet as I am still looking for the elusive 5k, ha! Getting closer but ever so slowly and still just over 1k to cover in the magic 30! I'm going to start intervals so I can improve my speed.

    Thanks for your lovely replies and have a great week-end!:)

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