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W5R3....barely made it through

Usually I run in the mornings, however for this run I ran in the evening. Had a sore throat however that did not stop me from taking up this challenge.

After the first 10 minutes I started to feel tired then I decreased my pace and continued on till I managed 15 min. The final 5 minutes was the toughest. Thought of all the good things in life, the health benefits, decided not to give up and fought against my mind telling me to stop and moved on. Towards the end my throat was all dried up and I was breathing from nose & , kept shaking myself to avoid bad posture, .....finally...managed to finish the run......once done I felt like lying on the ground but obediently did my brisk walk (wonder from where I got the strength !!). I am sure the onlookers must have had a good laugh at me panting and pushing myself towards the end...but that did not stop me one bit :-).

I do have small pain in my lower leg when I press the sides and since the pain is there only when Pressed I do not think it is something to worry about.

My knee however is getting a pull when I try to extend it straight, maybe this will go off in some time.

Although the experience was challenging and I can say somehow I managed to finish the run, I think I need to carry out Week 5 runs one more time to get much better and improve my fitness. Have to concentrate on my breathing and better running posture to avoid knee/shin splints.

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Well done on completing this milestone run - and once done you just know that you can complete the C25K programme. Make sure you stretch to help ease your muscles.


Wow that's awesome! Well done with your determination, now you know you can get through anything. I do think though that between the twinges and sore throat you should be extra kind to yourself and treat yourself to a few days of rest - walk if you feel upto it. Also get some good fruit and veg for vitamins to build your self up a bit and fight off that sore throat. All that hard work you did combined with and extra days rest should put you in a great place for week 6! Oh and as peabea says ensure those stretches are hitting the spot.

Best of luck!


Well done! I completed my W5 R3 today too! I also thought about repeating the run, but had a listen to week 6 and the first week is easier, back to interval training, so I'm going to keep going. You did so well to run with a bad throat, I would have stayed at home in the warm!


Well done! As above - a bit of an extra rest might be a good idea if you need it if the sore throat is brewing up something else. But have a look at the week 6 programme - you will very likely find it would actually be ok. Hope you're feeling good tomorrow anyway. :)


Thanks for the messages and yes I must agree after reading week 6 runs I think first 2 runs will be ok. Decided to move on to week 6 instead of trying week 5 again. Hopefully by then my throat and knee pain will vanish. Walked today for 45 minutes, genrally feeling not o well with knee acting wierd at times (I get the pain only when I stretch out my right leg straight).

what helps me keep going is , have lost around 10 lbs since I started with the program. I have made a promise to check the scales only on the last day of the month. The pains I am going to ignore as I am sure these are minor pains due to my recent active lifestyle. Well no pain no gain :).


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