About 7 weeks ago was whinging about running a minute. Now this 51 year old half a stone overweight not run since I was about 15 did 20 minutes none stop (Week 5 day 3). No shortness of breath at all, perhaps as I have said before as I am very slow . I am also cautious of my joints (and slipping on wet leaves ! ) as I have hypermobility.

Am SO proud, I do not think it is mental with me just physical as I was looking forward to today, it was raining but no worries had a new running jacket- also means I have somewhere to put my phone instead of in my waist band!

So either it is my motivation or my new jacket has magical powers- came home elated and we went for a pub lunch to celebrate- imagine how I will be when I hit the 30 minute 5K !!!


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  • Fabulous! That's the biggy isn't it - 20 mins?You should be proud! I couldn't believe it when I did it either - you're a proper runner now, Laura said so, and we don't argue with laura do we?

    Good luck with thne rest of the programme, I heard they are shining up your badge already..

  • That's a great achievement jzane, you've done really well. That's the hurdle of the programme, but you've done it!

  • thats really good and well done :D 20 mins and a new jacket :D onwards to graduation

  • It's a great feeling....and makes it all worthwhile, well done!

  • Past the halfway mark now........but don't get caught out, it is not all downhill. Well done.

  • Brilliant stuff - make sure you wear the magic jacket for your 30 minute run and be very proud of yourself - you deserve it :)

  • congratulations! I'm only on week 2 and struggling with 90seconds but posts like this give me hope I will manage 20 minutes one day! well done X

  • There is much less difference between 20 mins and 30 mins, than there is between 1 min and 20 mins. Look how far you have come ! You will be graduating very soon...

  • Re the pub lunch!! Naughty naughty!!! You have just blown away the calories you burned during the run!! :)

    Seriously though- I have read that this "can" be a big problem with new runners - they think that they have done this wonderful exercise which has burned lots of calories, far more than any that they have burned before -- and they can now EAT!! :)

    I had a somewhat weird experience of this very recently - I was on a cruiseship with a good friend who really badly needs to lose 20-30Kgs ( and knows it!!) -- he said that he had never used a treadmill - so I said, that I was going to do a run on one and would he like to come and try it out (walking) -- so I set him up on the treadmill, started him walking slowly and told him to walk for the full 20 minutes that the machine was programmed for - and to increase the speed/incline at his own will if he felt like it. He actually had quite a good workout - pushed himself harder than anything that I had seen of him before and seemed quite pleased with himself for it! - but apparently, according to his wife, when he went back to his cabin he literally fell upon the chocolate like a man possessed. It appeared like the exercise had somehow triggered an almost insatiable desire for chocolate !! Work that one out!! :(

  • I KNOW...just calculated only burned off 180 calories ! Never mind when I graduate ........:D

  • Well done Jzane, that is a marvellous achievement ! This programme is life changing isn't it ?

    Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Well done for completing week 5 :-) I completed it just over a week ago and its good feeling to get that 20 minute run under your belt isn't it? Upwards and onwards to week 6 and by the end of that you will be completing 25 mins......best of luck :-)

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