Week 9 Run 3 done this morning with a BIG fanfare in my head and an odd reluctance to slow to a walk!

I can now don my Graduate t shirt and feel really proud of myself. Eight weeks ago I struggled to run for 1 minute and now I'm looking forward to upping the distance. To anyone who doubts that they can complete this course, I'd say that if I've managed there's no reason why they can't. Enjoy and keep on running!!!

** Have edited as was obviously overexcited and forgot to proofread before submitting........

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  • Hey Mrs M ...well done you ! (I know you meant W9 not W3...you may want to edit !).

    Wear your grad shirt with pride and happy running :)

  • I was wondering for a minute.. was this a hugely compressed version of the programme? congratulations!!! hopefully I will be joining the same club tomorrow!!!

  • I'm just too excited!

    Husband has now bought a bike, which is my size so I will be borrowing on non-running days.

  • Congrats!! Over excitement is understandable! :)

  • Congratulations! As someone who just completed week1 this morning this is so encouraging!

  • I'm sure you'll be fine Lippie. I'm completely addicted now but hated the thought of running etc two months ago.

  • Congratulations!!! Well done!

  • Congratulations, wear your T shirt with pride and don't forget to send a message for your Graduate badge too.

  • Congratulations! :)

  • Well done and happy running to you :)

  • A great achievement. Well done.

  • Now I'm hoping to come over all pantherish like Juicyju lol!!

  • Well done, that's great news. Enjoy your celebrations & your shiny badge when it arrives!

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