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Graduation day has arrived


Today marks the final milestone in my 9 week journey, I feel really chuffed that I have achieved my goal, and I recommend this plan to anyone just starting out. I have to admit I was very aprehensive in the beginning and did not believe that in a reletavly short space of time I would be able to keep running for 30 mins.

I recall the 1st few weeks when I was counting in my head the 1,2,3 miniute runs waiting for laura to say slow down to a walk, and thinking how I am going to manage the next week with an even longer run, but have condfidence I can guarantee you will fell it get easier as you go on, I have been fortunate in some ways that I have not suffered any blips due to injury or illness and have not had to cry of any of the runs, one thing that kept me going was the knowledge that I have not given up at any point - perseverance really is key here

Thanks to everyone here for all the support and encouragement - and good luck everyone

I may actually keep listening to week 9 for a while just to keep the momentum going, and this saturday I am planning to attend my 1st park run, it on the south coast (worthing) so it may be affected by the waather, fingers crossed

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Congratulations! The plan is brilliant it's amazing what you can achieve with it.


Huge congratulations, very well done..:) The best bit is, that this goes on... and the running journey just gets better..but for now, go get that badge... it has your name on it :)


Well done! Enjoy your achievement and good luck for your park run, especially if the wind carries on blowing like mad.

Well done. I used the week 9 run a couple more times then moved on to the C25K+ Stepping Stone podcast.

Congratulations Shoreham_nick🎉🎉🎉

Well done on completing the program and Graduating👏👏👏👏

Good idea to keep consolidating those 30 minute runs for a bit and get really comfortable with it. Good luck witb your first Parkrun (go at your own pace don't start too quickly) 😊xx

Ask for your badge here


Well done. An amazing achievement to not skip any runs!

The final milestone of this journey and the very first step on a brilliant running journey. Congratulations and enjoy!


Many congratulations.

Another happy customer.

Keep running, keep smiling.

Great stuff 👍 , really well done 👏👏


It's funny isn't it, those early weeks compared to now? So much has changed, just think how much could change in a year. A huge congrats to you


Well done you! That's brilliant👍

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