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The return

Some of you may know that I have been laid low recently and havent been able to run. Most frustrating.

Well today, for the first time in 5 weeks I wanted to run. Sure I have missed it and been uneasy and tetchy without it but until today, I havent felt physically able.

Today was different.

I got out in the sunshine and did a gentle 2k run. I found it hard going, my breath was a bit laboured, my legs were heavy, I had that taaste of iron in my mouth and pretty much felt as week as a kitten.


A long road lies ahead before I am fully back but by God it looks like a happier road now.

Aint running great :D

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Sure is!!! Take your time to get back to speed. There is no rush. Good luck


:D running is great hope your road to full recovery goes smoothly :D


Good to hear you're starting to feel well enough to run again :)


How fab. Yes I recognise that feeling of needing to run. Brilliant that you're back and managed 2K. Yeah, running's great!


Really glad to hear you're feeling better & were able to enjoy a short run. Take it easy & build up slowly, which it sounds like you are doing, and just enjoy x


Glad you feeling wee bit betterHappy running


Brilliant news x


Thanks all :)

Sunny again today. Boy am I tempted........

must resist......


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