Not been feeling too good

You may remember I mentioned my friend who sustained serious head injuries in a road accident when he came off his motorbike. Well, although he was initially showing good signs of recovery, he took a turn for the worse & passed away early Thursday morning. And I haven't been feeling too great since, been getting migraine and generally feeling low, probably associated with stress from the loss. So, haven't felt much like doing anything, have just been able to get out with slinky on her c25k run today, despite feeling headachy, must keep moving!..😕


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35 Replies

  • Oh Dave, that is such sad news , how tragic .

    I am so sorry for your loss, you take care of yourself and allow yourself time to grieve .

    Big hugs (((( )))) xxx

  • Oh that's so sad. I'm very sorry. Be glad to be alive. Who knows what's round the corner for any of us ...

  • Oh bless you, you poor thing.  That's really sad.

    Glad you were able to get out today at least


  • Oh dear, that's awful news Dave.

    Understandably you feel terrible at the moment but getting out for a run will help with your feelings of loss. You can spend time thinking about happy times spent with your friend. I think at times like these running can be a force for good.  Like you say, "keep moving" x

  • Luckily I believe the police have traced the car driver ( scumbag) who very likely caused the accident and just drove off and left him badly injured. So, hopefully through an inquest they will be brought to justice.. Gladly I will go to court and see that, if OK with my friends family..

  • Thanks for you kind words everyone!😉

  • Dave.... so sad. No words...just thoughts and love x

  • What a terrible thing to happen. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Stay strong - I hope that you may find some solace in the running.

    Thinking of you x

  • I am sorry for your loss. Take it easy and take lots of time for yourself x

  • So sorry for you loss Dave, like you say hope the culprit is brought to justice. X 

  • I'm so very sorry to hear this Dave. It is just awful. I really hope the police find the driver who was involved.

  • so sorry to hear that, take care of yourself x

  • Sorry to hear that, Dave. Hope your running will help you a bit, think of the good times with him. There is no consolation at the moment. Look after yourself - and your wife.

  • sorry to hear that Dave, take care 

  • So sorry for your loss Dave. My thoughts go out to you and your dear friends family. When you are able, use that running. I have found great comfort from my running following two bereavements recently. Take care. x

  • I'm so sorry for your loss, Dave. One day at a time...that's the only way to deal while you're grieving. Take care.

  • My condolences for your very sad loss Dave.  I hope that for the sake of justice, and also the safety of others, these scubags are caught, sentenced and put away.

    I hope that you are able to continue your running, and that your running helps your state of mind.

  • I'm so sorry for your loss, Dave. Perhaps the running will do you good. I have been reading a Danish blog by Anders Legarth Schmidt, a journalist at Politiken, who lost his daughter last year and uses running to cope with it. To him running has become a survival strategy. I'm sure it doesn't work the same for everyone, but it makes sense to me. Many thoughts 😢

  • Thanks Iben..

    Yes, I can see how running would help at these times.. So will keep it up..

  • So sorry for your loss Dave, and yes, grief can indeed make you feel awful physically. Take it easy, give yourself a treat of some kind. Running will almost certainly help. Hugs xx

  • Sorry to hear of your loss in such awful circumstances Dave. Having a partner is a great comfort at these times. I hope you manage to keep running, I know it can be difficult. Also, be gentle on yourself and don't make too many demands on yourself. You will have suffered physically from the shock and sorrow. Take care x

  • Hope you feeling better now! Good to see you back!

  • Very sad, deepest condolences  to you 

  • Aaaaw that's crap mate, it is early days though so it's normal and part of the grieving process to be down or stressed.

  • I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, loosing a friend is absolutely terrible.

    I'm part of the biking community myself, I feel for your loss.

    sending love and condolences xxx

  • So sorry to hear that, what a tragic waste. Look after yourself, and use the running to help cope

  • Sad times, Dave. It's not surprising you're feeling bad at the moment. Give yourself time to think through what's happened. Grief has no set pattern, you just have to go with the flow. Take care m'dear x

  • Thinking of you x

  • So sorry to hear that sad news, especially difficult after your hopes had been raised. Keep posting and letting us know how you are doing. x

  • Dave I'm sorry to hear the sad news, I hope you're ok, well as you can be after finding out about this terrible news, (((hugs)))

    Take care and take your time, grieving doesn't happen over night, so do things you want to do and mourn in your own way,

    Siobhan x

  • I am so sorry to hear your news.  I can only offer the advice that was given to me on here when my good friend passed away in Novemeber be kind to yourself and don't force the issue with running.  I didn't feel like doing anything energetic at all.   I felt like that for a while and then just one day I wanted to run and I did.  Your body does know what you need, listen to it and look after yourself at this difficult time.  

  • So sorry to hear your sad news Dave.

    Don't expect too much of yourself, you have a lot to cope with. Take care.

     Big hug x

  • Terrible news. So unfair. Take care of yourself 

  • So sorry for your loss Dave.  Just be kind to yourself.  Having lost someone close to me, I do find some some solace in running but just take your time. x

  • So sorry Dave, sending virtual hugs your way x

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