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Running leggings recommendations

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Hello, I’m looking to get some running leggings, I’ve had a look and you can get Nike ones for around £30, however there are also some karrimor leggings 2 for £24, does anyone know if spending more money on better leggings is worth it? Or if anyone has any favourites feel free to recommend them Thanks!

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I've no idea! What I can say is that I've got my shorts and shirts from sports direct . Karrimoor brand as two for whatever and I think they are fine for starters like me. I've also bought some of the karimoor legging things that I haven't worn yet. I suspect they may be more of a personal fit thing than the basic shorts and shirt though! Probably more I ortant to get the fit than the brand?

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zobles in reply to JogDog

I bought some just a couple of weeks ago online from herring the brand is. Reduced from £24 to £7! They are great, so comfy and supportive! No rolling down at the waist either.

Hi there.

I brought some from TU in Sainsburys and I love them. Nice and long, draw string in the waist too. Paid £7 for them on sale.

Got some a couple of weeks ago from Primark too for £3 on offer. Once again very nice. I had to thread some elastic through the waist though as a draw string but all in all a great buy.

Asda have some ok ones too.

I'm not fussed on the brand name. As long as they fit and wash well and the price is right, I'll give them a go!

Hope you find a pair that good for you.

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Your choice.. I have Reebok... but always got in the sales :) I have two pairs of compression leggings which I really find comfortable....Lidl and Aldi often have great offers and they are really great....many on here have much choice out there.

It is important to have ones that stay up! Fit well and are comfortable... no flappage !

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I would say, running leggings designed for running are better than just fashion leggings:)

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I got a pair from Lidl - they usually have a sports wear week in Autumn, they weren't too pricey - well under £10 if I remember correctly. and are excellent quality and fit.

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Being Tall, 6'3", means that the stick in the usual outlets doesn't fit, and the ones that do are a tad expensive.

Found my regular ones on EBay, groan, I know, but they are good and they come in a variety of colour combinations, I have four pairs now ... here's the item number ... 252735684908 ... less than a tenner, and fast, free, delivery.

The stay up, don't roll down, especially al you begin to lose weight and inches, and the fit well, nice and tight as they should...

For this kind of length of run it makes no difference at all, other than personal preference for fit etc. If you get into marathons etc where you are wearing them for hours at a time or cross country races in very cold/wet conditions, it is a slightly different matter but for everyday 5ks etc they will all be the same.

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These're good. Ridiculously warm for me, though - I'm a shorts girl :)

Try TK Maxx. You can pick up some great bargains there and good brands.

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I think spending a bit of money is wise. I bought a leopard print pair from Primark for 9 quid. Within a month the seams on the inside leg had come undone and rather unfortunately someone pointed out that they were also see- through.... so best to go for some that are well made ( I rather like Gore)

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There is a running special in Aldi this week. I got some leggings for £10 and a long sleeved top for £15. They also have gloves, hats and socks at a reasonable price.

The leggings seem nice, have a drawstring in the waist (essential!) and zips at the ankles.

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