FAO IndieWaif or anyone else who has done Suz's B210K?

I saw IndieWaif posted a few days ago about Suz's B210K. Although the idea of 90s R&B and hip hop put some people off, I quite like that style of music. So I followed the link to the ITunes site.

Now here comes the dumb bit. I am a bit of a Neanderthal when it comes to tech. My boys had do download the original C25K podcasts. I hacpve bought some apps, but when looking at this one it says 'subscribe' not Free or even a price. So can anyone enlighten me as how this works as I'm ready to move into the next level and would dearly love some structure for a 10K.

Is this a run/walk programme like the original Laura?



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  • Hi redkelly, do you have the iTunes application installed on your computer? If so, open up iTunes, on the top right click the iTunes Store button, and when the iTunes Store loads there will be a search box in the top right. Type suz's 'from 5k to 10k' running podcast in there. The results will load up as a list and you should see the "Free" button which you press to download it. Let me know if you need a screenshot!

  • Thanks Indie, a screenshot would be great, will get my boys into it.

    Cheers :-)

  • I'll put the screenshot on a separate post because the forum doesn't allow for replying to posts with attachments ;-s

  • Also, yes it is a run/walk structure which builds up over 9 weeks. I like it but for me I've been finding some of the early weeks are a bit too "easy", for example, week 2 day one has you running three reps of 12mins with a 2min walk between each. On the other hand the Sami podcasts ramp up a bit too fast so its difficult to know what to do!

  • Thank you for posting about this. I have been thinking about moving in the 10k direction and having had a quick look and listen to these podcasts I think I can see me using these in the not too distant future. I think I will consolidate my 5k over the next couple of weeks and then move on to the 10k training plan. (I quite like the sound of the music. I did wonder what to expect when Explicit was next to each podcast lol!!)

  • Hi there, i've just started week 8 of these podcasts. I graduated C25K and did my own thing for a month or so but I missed the structure of C25K. I went for these podcasts to see how I got on. The first weeks seemed easier because you aren't running for a solid 30 minutes like at the end of C25K but you are running for longer. Over the weeks the running time does build up - week 8 is 2x 30 mins with a short walk between. I'm not at 10k but I can run for longer now. It's not as smoothly put together as Laura and sometimes you have to listen carefully for the instructions especially in the early editions but on the whole i like it. The music keeps you going (no mention if songs about Julie☺). The language is a bit colourful sometimes but that's the style of the music

    I have seen some comments on here abiut these podcasts which talk about injury risk because it builds up too quickly. All i can say is that from my iwn experience i haven't found that. You can spread the runs out over as long as you want. Give it a go would be my advice

  • I'm quite happy not to hear any songs about Julie!

    I thought most people were getting injured using Sami's B210K as that builds up over only 5 weeks whereas Suz's is a bit more gentle building up over 9. - That means you're just over a week away from your second graduation! Well done :)

  • The podcasts for the bluefin B210K look similar and you don't need iTunes... just Google bluefin and you'll find them. I've just graduated so may try these. I may just use the week 1 for a bit as I like the idea of the intervsls. I also like music with voice prompts which this plan has.

  • Ah yes, it's Suzi's podcasts I'm using. A 9 week programme with 3 runs per week. I'm in week 8 now. I had a break last week because I wanted to do a bit of stamina/speed for a 5km charity run but I'm back on it now. 2 x 30 minutes runs with a progressively shorter rest in between as the week goes by. I'm getting on for doing 8km per running session which I'm pleased with. I would like to get to 10km but that's not going to be in an hour.

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