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Complete Novice to running

Recently decided that I needed to get fit (if not now when??). I asked my teenage son to help me but he nearly killed me. His version of fitness training is not one that fits well with any of my current abilities. So after huffing and puffing and nearly throwing up after my one and only session with my son I decided to look at other options.

My friend, who lives in NZ, had been posting comments about the C25K programme so I decided to take a look and found myself inspired to give it a whirl.

I downloaded week 1 on Saturday and off I went. I was a little sceptical as I hadn't run for years & years (apart from the Marine training my son provided). I didn't think I would be able to run for one whole minute let alone repeat it 7 more times. But I did it!!! What's more I wasn't put off doing the 2nd walk/ run and I could walk unaided the following day.

I have just completed the 3rd run of week 1 and it felt marginally easier than the 1st run. I'm looking forwarding to week 2 and feel a bit more confident about being seen in public attempting to become a runner.

I have really enjoyed reading the comments and blogs on here and continued to look for inspiration from fellow runners.

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Well done for completing week 1, you are now on the road to becoming a proper runner. We all started like you, not being able or not believing we could run for a minute but you will soon be able to run further and for longer and before you know it you will be a graduate.

Go at your own pace repeat runs if you need to - but most importantly enjoy!


Congratulations on joining the running team! Your son's version sounds scary! It sounds as though you have made a really good start. :)


If I were you, I'd disinherit that boy of yours!


Well done you! Keep going, looking forward to further updates as you progress.


marine treaining!! wowie!! that wouldve finished me off!

well done you for getting out there. it isnt easy "running" in public. But I find Im too busy trying to survive the run to worry about what people think!

keep positive, keep running and keep blogging!!

Ali :-)


Thanks for all the comments. Son has been sacked as fitness trainer although I don't think he's that bothered because he said a snail ran faster than I do!


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