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Insert 'Runs' pun here.

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Just setting off for first of Bath Skyline Cros country 10k series this morning.

Woke up at 4AM with stomach turbulence. Children were sent home from school on Friday as a D&V bug swept through the school. Had so far managed to avoid it.

Heavily dosed on Immodium. Not ideal.

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Oh no, that's not good at any time. Good luck - hope you make it through!!

Uh oh ..... do you think it's wise to run with ... er ... the runs? Might be better to stay tucked up in bed??

Oh no. Hope you manage to have an uneventful run

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Ooh gosh, not sure I'd risk it if you are truly poorly. The Imodium just stops one symptom for a bit, rest of you might be weak, etc... But sounds like you're determined to try, so wishing you the best of luck, but afterwards you must rest up & get fully well xxx

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I bet you will go like a dose of salts.

Good luck.

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You'll be fine. Just take a spare immodium with you. You could stop at home and be fine. That would give you time to reflect on what might have been. I think you'll be there giving it large. The running that is, and not just to the nearest lav!

He who dares wins! Good luck. Have a fab time

Oh Rignold! :(

As the saying goes.... S**T happens! :(

hope you didn't have to dash into too many bushes! My tummy similar too, am dosed up on same, i can't imagine undertaking a 10k as such so you are very brave under the circumstances ! :X

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Have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that you have an 'uneventful' run, Rig. You're braver than me ( but, to be honest, that's not saying much) :) Good luck Matey, Imodium is a wonderful thing, :)

If Paula can with the runs - you can! At least if you get caught short the pics won't be broadcast all over the world! Good luck! xx

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Ask them to put a Portaloo at the finish line and score a PB to get to it :D

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