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My anniversary run


Earlier this morning I went out for my one year anniversary run. A year ago, the day after my 46th birthday, I was so lacking in confidence about my ability to run (thanks to hideous memories of PE at school) that I came home from W1R1 and burst into tears because I'd actually completed it.

My graduation run in June saw me bursting into tears again (I'm not normally a crier you understand) because I hated it so much. I was just recovering from a cold and it was just one of those bad runs. I was determined not to stop and walk because I was equally determined that when I was done with C25K I was never going to run again. EVER. Of course I was back at it a couple of days later.

So, after a year of running I still haven't run for 5K and most of the time I run for 25 minutes, sometimes 20 minutes. I'm not really interested in races, timed runs, 5Ks, 10Ks etc etc. My aim has been to keep running regularly. I have run 3 times a week all year except for December and January when it was too dark for my early morning runs before work. To me this is amazing. This morning I ran 30 minutes in lovely sunshine and I was so happy - happier than my graduation run as to me a year of running is a greater achievement.

On Monday I'm off to get my gait analysed in an attempt to find out why my right leg always gets tired first and hopefully I will be treating myself to new trainers.

To everyone out there on the C25K path, please don't feel you have to run faster, further, better - just running can be enough..

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That's lovely :)

Happy Anniversary!

KatsmeatGraduate in reply to Khrissy

Thank you Khrissy :-)

Uplifting, thanks for sharing :)

KatsmeatGraduate in reply to OlsBean

You're welcome :-) Sometimes I think it can be hard just being a plodder with no great ambition so I wanted to encourage other plodders too.


Lovely stuff! X

KatsmeatGraduate in reply to justmole

Thank you :-)


Happy anniversary kat! I think what you have been doing is just great; being consistent and just running to keep fit, stay healthy and enjoy it :) I'm so pleased your anniversary run was so good and happy for you, a real achievement you are right!

Now go get yourself off for that gait analysis and new shoes - you are well overdue this reward to yourself! ;)


KatsmeatGraduate in reply to SBG356

Thank you Sue :-)


Happy anniversary! Hope I can get to one year of running too! Well done.

KatsmeatGraduate in reply to petal51

Thank you! I'm sure you be able to get to a year too especially if you've already don the winter months :-)

Congratulations. Well done on the positive attitude

KatsmeatGraduate in reply to ancientrunner

Thank you :-)


Happy anniversary - we must have started at very nearly the same time because my one-year anniversary is on Wednesday! It doesn't matter about 5ks, extra speed etc because we are still out there running after a year, and that's brilliant :) Enjoy the new trainers - you deserve them!

KatsmeatGraduate in reply to Anniemurph

Yes Annie, I remember seeing you around on the blogs when I was doing the C25K programme. These days I'm a bit more of a lurker than a blogger. I hope you have a good anniversary run too :-)

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