Running for fun :-)

Well did it again :D running that is haha straight in from work, running gear on and out for a run :D :D

I wont tempt faqte and say it is getting easier mguess i mean i feel stronger and stronger the more runs i do :D

Even achieved another little goal i set myself , to run up the final incline to my road , wher ebefore i had always made sure my runs ended before it, tonight i ran up it :D :D Small steps :D :D

I am going for the 5K on My Sat morning run :D :D providing the satelitte gods are working and find me :D :D

Time for food now ,i have earned it tonight :D


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23 Replies

  • Good to hear that your run went OK... its is getting more difficult to find a time to run at the moment due to the dark and the weather. Hope the 5K goes OK on Sat... I'm hoping to go out tomorrow, but decided to wind things back a bit and just enjoy my run. My first ever (in my whole life) non stop 5k last night was a bit tough.... so take it easy... dont pick up an injury.

  • Thanks Andy :D I wont be pushing it on sat , keep to my usual pace see how i feel :D Think i must have got the bug more then you as I am loving running in the dark :D well for now haha

  • I love the dark too!! Fireworks last night were brill too although I had to be very careful not to run into a lamppost as I was watching them mind!!!

  • haha :D no fireworks tonight alas .. just me,head torch and passing cars .. must seem strange to them to see a 6ft6 light appearing in their view ..

  • Spooooky!!!

  • :D :D i try

  • brilliant, well done you, great progress

  • thanks juicy :D very nice of you to say :D

  • Sounds great!! Well done!

  • Thanks Toon :D

  • Definitely addicted

  • completely :D

  • Well done, I'm loving it too ;-)

  • Thanks :-D

  • Those hills and inclines make for very satisfying goals. Well done.

  • Well done Rob. Just go steady and chew up those miles. Good luck with your run on Saturday!

  • thanks Miss W . looking forward to doing the 5k and getting a time to work on :)

  • Well done Rob. I share your enthusiasm for small steps. I'd much rather progress steadily than run the risk of having to stop for several weeks through injury. I've been doing 3 days par week (mon, wed, fri ) and I'm wondering whether I can add a 4th run on saturday (a longer one). I think I'll repeat W9 once or twice before attempting that though, I dont want to risk pushing it too far.

  • Thanks Zev :D i have stuck with 3 times a week tues/thurs and saturday through the C25K , it gives me a 2 day rest which seems to work for me :D

    Will see where i am in the spring before deciding to add or change my days :D i am not getting any younger ;)

  • I'm not sure. I suspect that with this running, perhaps you are getting a little younger :)

  • fitter and healthier yes :D maybe a little younger :)

  • Well done, making progress already, well done on making it up the incline! Isn't it a lovely feeling to feel you have earnt your food? Good luck for your 5k! X

  • Thank you Marly :-) will make part of all my week day runs now . Will let you knpw how it goes :-D x

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