Help with treadmill running.

Hi I've just finished week 7 day 1, the 25 minute run, I only run on the treadmill and have just about managed all the other runs but tonight found this one really hard and had to have a break at around 18 minutes which I'm really disappointed with myself for. I can normally talk myself out of stopping but failed this time. I just wondered if anyone had any tips on how to get in the right headspace to keep going. This is my first time at running and i'm determined to complete it. Also can you turn off the half way there announcement, I found it helpful on the short runs but now I find it awful.


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  • Please don't be disappointed - you ran for 18 minutes! That's great stuff - 7 weeks ago you wouldn't have believed it. Some runs are just crummy. Put it behind you and try again. The important thing is to keep running, not how fast/far/how many walk breaks.

    If you're no longer finding Laura's reminders useful, why don't you run to your own music and just set an alarm?

  • Thank you, I do run to music and sometimes watch TV, if it's working, I just struggle to not look at the time then when she pops up with the half way there it's like Omg I have to do that all again! It's totally in my head, if I could run with my eyes closed I'm sure I'd do better lol.

  • I did that run yesterday but outside and it helped me thinking next time I run past those flowers or whatever I'll be nearly finished, I actually find the half way point reminder excellent as its now less than you have done and that will keep me going, it's the first five minutes in reminder I want to shout at Laura that it must be longer than that!!!

  • I managed the 22 minute run without much of a problem but I don't know what happened today. It's definitely all mental, I stopped for a minute then carried on and the last bit was fine. I just need to find a flat outdoor course .

  • This may be a controversial suggestion but could you try running outside? I completed the programme on a treadmill until week 7 as I was too self conscious to go outside. Everyone kept telling me too but I just didn't have the confidence. The first time I did an outdoor run I went at 10pm at night so no one would see me and I was still shaking like a leaf! Once I'd done it I LOVED it and haven't run on the treadmill since! it may be the shake up you need to stay motivated on the longer runs?

    I'm copying and pasting some brilliant advice from agedsnailspace (hope you don't mind :) )

    "It is as much a mental hurdle as physical. Slow down, then slow down some more...

    Go through a checklist in your head to work out what it is that is making you stop.

    1) Do your feet hurt so badly you can't put them on the floor?

    2)Do your legs hurt so badly you can't take another step?

    3)Is you heart beating so fast it's about to exit through your chest wall (remember - we said to slow down!)

    4)Are you about to pass out from lack of oxygen as you can't breath (again - you are meant to be going slow!)

    If none of 1-4 is making you absolutely have to stop, then it can only be the gremlins in your head and you should never trust the gremlins.

    Set a target. Don't run for the full 8 mins, just run to the next tree/lampost/road then when you get there, repeat the checklist and pick another target.

    Run fast for a dozen paces then slow right down again.

    Most of all, just keep going! You can do this. Physically you are ready.

    Think of how you felt after W1R1 (personally, I was pretty sure I might die!). Look at how far you have already come and how impossible this would have seemed at the end of that first run the KNOW you can do this. Then just keep going until Laura says you can stop."

  • I used that terrific checklist myself! And love your suggestion - running outdoors is wonderful

  • Thank you, I will definitely try that check list. I did try one of the runs outside but I freak if I see a hill so I just end up running downhill, I like the pacing the treadmill gives you, I really don't think I could run much slower. It's great to hear others tips.


  • Hi Clairratc, I did most of the c25K on the treadmill but it does get pretty boring once the runs get longer. I too am incredibly slow (I try not to come last in my park runs!) and panic at the slightest hill but most people find running outside easier once they get used to it. I still use the treadmill for short faster runs but run the longer runs outside (downhill lol).

    Good luck for the rest of week 7, you can nail this.


  • Thank you, I did tonight's run outside slightly downhill, I drove to the top, ran down then walked back up, it definitely felt easier. Nearly there.

  • Well done you, keep up the good work, you're nearly there


  • I run only on the treadmill and during the programme I found it helpful to cover the timer with a towel. I also ditched the podcast at this stage, and set the treadmill to 30 mins (5 mins warmup + 25 mins run). So walk for 5 mins then cover the timer and run till the treadmill automatically goes into cool down mode. I listened to my own music for company and never had any clue how long I had left. It all helped. Good luck!

  • Thanks I'll give it a go.

  • Great idea to cover the timer.

  • Hi, I can only run on the treadmill because of bad knees. I too had a couple of aborted runs in week nine. I break now break my runs up into 5 minute chunks, have a quick drink and check my heart rate every 5 minutes as I'm running. At half way, I tell my self that I'm on the way home and use 10 minutes to go as a milestone in that I'm in single figures. It's just in my head, but it helps. Having graduated, I just run to something that I want to listen to. If it gets tough, I avoid looking at the clock until the end of a song. Works for me, hope it helps.

  • Thank you, its definitely a mental barrier i have, when i do look at the time the last 5 minutes is a killer. Do you run to an app, i'm using the c25k one, but just wondered who Laura is that everyone keeps mentioning??

  • Laura is on the podcasts rather than the app. I used both when doing the programme. If you haven't tried a podcast give it a go. The music is interesting!

  • Laura is the lady on the C25k podcasts. I used these until my second attempt at week 9 (30 mins running) then found it better for me just to use the clock on the treadmill while listening to my own music. I'm now running 30 min sessions (knees permitting) and very gradually trying to increase my speed. Good luck!

  • I run on a treadmill and had exactly the same problem on w7r1. I slowed it down and this made it easier. Everyone's advice is good. You will find that Laura can be annoying if the Gremlins have already got you but towards the end of the programme I was more like 'wow, I am halfway there'. Put it down to a bad run and try again. I would definitely slow the pace a little.

  • Thanks, i don't think i could go much slower though i don't manage the recommended distance now in the time, i'll never make 5k in 30 minutes.

  • The programme is designed to get you running without a break for 30 mins. The 5km is irrelevant. I still cannot manage 5km in 30 mins and probably never will. I graduated at the beginning of June. When I run on the treadmill I usually have it set between 7.5 and 8km per hour. When I started and was running for the lower amounts of time it was set at 8.5-9km per hour. The programme is a boutique building stamina not speed. Take your time.

  • Thank you, i have the treadmill set at 4.9mph for running, i think i'll try an outdoor run tomorrow, fingers crossed i manage it.

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