Couch to 5K

Pastries and a Cuppa -1 / Running club- 0

Pastries and a Cuppa -1 / Running club- 0

Oh dear! was intending to go to running club on Tues, was just leaving work when colleague announced she was off to see pal for a catch up (who works where we park our cars) and the cafe had donated left over pastries to go with cuppa! It was all Sally's fault, she said"are you SURE you don't want to come?!" and my niggly calf muscle suddenly became much more stiff and yes it was a good to rest it for a day or two!(i'm not usually so easily swayed!)

So................... i'm off out in a bit to hopefully redeem myself, even though its dark, rainy and very blowy! So it might not be the longest run of my life, but i will try!

on the plus side my Strava data came through last night, and according to it i have done, since March when i got my garmin....


Total distance 463.3 km

Total elevation climbed 3,193 m

Total time 52 hrs 35 min

Number of activities 89

so thats got to be better than on the couch!

so within the hour i should be out in the wilds................. :X

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Pastries and a cuppa or running in the cold and dark. Oh what a dilemma! But given your stats I think you've earned the odd pastry!


i know it was a hard decision! wheres my resolve??!! Been indulging alot lately, going to be healthier eating for a while hopefully! (except last night when we had a mini party while putting the xmas stock out in shop ! french fancies. choc fingers, crisps and a chocolate matleser moose with a glass of schloer ) !

back in now, one of the nastiest runs weather wise but glad i got out, now for the doggy walking! :X


Sometimes we have to make time for a cuppa and a catch up! Its good for the soul. I like the stats Ali, just think how far you've run! Bet you wouldn't have believed that back in January! Hope the run was good x :-D


yes - i go and visit this friend once a week usually, she teaches pottery across the road in our other works building, but we worked together for 8 yrs in the cafe(she left a few months back) so its nice to catch up, in a building with studios and artists so always nice to visit! :) and free pastries are always good!

yes was astonished by stats! the email said what do you want to achieve in the last 2 months of 2014? will have to think about that!

run- nasty wet windy and yukky but made it in 1 piece, only 1 other runner out and he was about 16!

now to walk George dog, weather a bit lighter now :)

hope you're all ok? :)


At least you got out there! Yes I'm fine ta, all good. I haven't managed to post lately as keep running out of time, loads of stuff going on, but hopefully will do an update soon. Still aiming for a sub 30min5k before end of Jan!! x :-)


i'm trying for one at parkrun by end of year! did do 1 29.50 on garmin but it was different at parkrun as the course was a bit over 5k that week! markers wrong! :(

glad you are doing well , look forward to the update! :)


wet and nasty but i made it! :)


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