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Any one else joined a running club?

I've made enquiries of my local running club to find out how you join & if they had running groups would suit my ability.

Had a lovely response & the guy said I was well beyond what their beginner group are doing (yay me!) and they'd have a group that would be suitable...downside is they go a lot further (maybe 5 miles ...yikes!!). I'm going to find the courage and go 8 May (they run Tuesday's and I'm away next week).....very nervous and excited too. :)

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Ali, you are certainly giving yourself challenges....park runs, running are a total inspiration to others reading your blogs. How brilliant was that to be told you are already beyond their beginners, way to go Ali :)

In answer to your title question though, that will be a no from me. :)


Was so pleased to see I'd done well enough to be beyond the beginners group but the other distances sound very scary.

The bit that I find the most daunting is the thought of turning up on my own for the first time...therefore if I say it out loud (well on here!) means I have to do it!!!


I can identify with the 'turning up on my own'. Never really been very good at that either but this C25K plan does help build self confidence as you know and you are going to be fine, just have to keep telling yourself that. You've already managed to inspire others into aiming for a park run. :)


Yay! Go for it!! Well done you!! You took the first step!!!


Well my running club is the Couch to 5k community :)


I went to a birthday party last night & the birthday girl ran the london marathon last week & joined the local running club about 6 months ago. she highly recommended it & said that they were a really friendly group & that they welcomed newcomers with open arms. so, once we've moved I think Im gonna give it a go.

what have you got to lose? you'll never know until you give it a go :)


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