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Codes vs sperm donation: 1:0

After a bad day at work, I came home and was all about "Nah, I'm too tired/ I need a coffee equals I have to run to the loo all the time...conclusion: No run for me today". I started cooking dinner, then my stubbornness came back and there was no way I would skip my run today. If I started with this skipping, the old sloth might return. So I switched off the stove (dinner was already half done), put on my gear, grabbed my mp3-player with my new wonderful around-the-ear-earphones (no more readjusting during the run!), met my BF in the door, told him to finish cooking and off I went.

I listened to "The Infinite Monkey Cage" (topic: codes) and this definitely distracted me and made me run a lot faster than my German podcast on sperm donation on Tuesday (4.95 km in 33:33 min) . I enjoyed the run a lot, felt as if I was running faster than usual, changed my route slightly in two parts and stopped at 32:05 min. Due to the changes, I had no idea how much I'd run but it felt great and I recovered very quickly. Back at home, I mapped my run and....PB!!!! 5.022km in 32:05 min! (Last PB was 32:11 min for 5.003km) Tonight, an average kilometer took me 6:23 min. I calculated how much I needed to run 1 meter and found out that I had hit the 5 km at 31:52 min (Unfortunately, I didn't stop the at that time but I never know where the 5k-mark is on my route.)

I'm so happy about it especially as I didn't really try to do a new PB. It just felt good so I kept going in the faster pace :)

Aaaand two more wonderful things that happened today:

1) Dinner was ready when I came home from my run :D

2) I signed up for a 5km charity run on 14 September and got the confirmation today... Now I'm getting a bit of cold feet but that's another story.

I think I'll have a glass of wine now to celebrate my new PB!

As you all see: A bad day can still turn into a good one! Happy running to everyone!

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Hey thats a fantastic PB...well done you....I think sperm donation in my ears would be enough for me to run straight home!!!!


I'm so pleased with this time :) Still smiling all day long ;) To be honest, the sperm donation podcast wasn't boring at all. It was told from a young woman who only lives because of sperm donation and many issues were mentioned that I had never thought of before. Nevertheless, the sperm donation podcast didn't give me the...ehm, let's call it "flow"... I needed.


Lovely post and congrats on PB!

I love infinite Monkey cage too - BRILLIANT programme. Can I download it to my phone? (Still reading the instruction book for it but hope I can)

Happy running!


Thank you :) The infinite monkey cage was recommended to me here in this great community and I really love it!

I'm sorry, I can't help you with your phone question as I'm still one of the persons who have an old phone that is not smart at all... But I suppose you should be able to download it onto your phone as many phones can be used as mp3-players. I hope you find out soon and can also enjoy the monkey cage on your runs :)


Brilliant post and well done on the PB. I think my trainers are looking for new best friends they have only been used 4 times in august so will done on just pressing pause and getting out there for a run...

Although what a brilliant set of tags too..... PB and cold feet! Who would have thought you could ever get them with a sperm donation!

You just gotta love this site....


Thank you!

That's so great, I didn't even notice the tags :D Oh my... this page is brilliant :)

I hope you and your trainers become closer friends again soon. It's so great to be out there and you probably don't want them to walk away on their own ;)


Hi MattheW! Where have you been hiding? Getting worried about you and missed your astute posts.

Hope all is well with you!


Your title intrigued me to read on... you have got to love the Infinite Monkey Cage! Brian Cox of course is a legend but I love Robin Ince. We went to see him live last year and he does proper geeky humour. Appealed to the mischievous scientist in me.


I had no idea about the existence of the monkey cage until I was told in this community. I'm not from the UK and thus don't know a lot about the different radio stations and their podcasts etc. But I'm trying to get to know them and I really love those I found until now. I think if they spoke in the monkey cage about sperm donation it would be a lot funnier than the other podcast I listened to ;)


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