Couch to 5K


Hi folks! Big Dan here with his weekly running report.

As my first week on this new job flew by, I wanted to fill you in on my morning running regime. I managed two runs this week - tuesday and friday. Tuesday I did a 5K and yesterday (friday) I could only face a 3K. It's a shock to the system to get up incredibly early, as for the past few months I've been a late riser (due to being an unemployed bum) and had the luxury of lat mid morning running. BUT....I would rather be earning money than be unemployed so I'm just going to have to get used to my new regime.

I have to say there's something quite fabulous about a run before work. You go in, feeling slightly smug, as 99% of the people you work with probably HAVEN'T done anything as impressive. I really enjoy going in to work knowing I've done a bit of a tonk around the streets earlier.

My run yesterday was an massive effort. Unfortunately I'd got a bit over enthusiastic with drinking vodka martini's the night before (Mrs Dan makes a SUPERB martini) and I felt slightly warmer than death when I awoke. However, this was not to stop me in my quest for a run. What it DID do though is make me feel fragile and pathetic and only good for a short outing. But as they say..."any run is a good run" - and I duly performed a 3K in 16 minutes. Not bad for a vodka fumed, hangover!

So thats it. I'm planning a long run tomorrow - Sunday. I'm hoping the rain stays away, but if it doesn't, I'll deal with it. Wish me luck and I'll report back soon.

Hope all your parkruns, fun runs, races etc went spiffingly well today. Keep running folks cos it's what makes us fabulous people.

Dan X

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Sounds like you're off to a cracking start with your new regime, hope you're enjoying the new job too? Hope you have a great run tomorrow, I love my long Sunday run as my weekly runs are at stupid o'clock too to fit in with the school run & work


Haha Dan - only you could manage a vodka-fuelled run and make it sound fun! Don't think I'll be trying it myself any time soon mind you! So glad you're still managing to get out there, enjoy your run tomorrow.

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I get a buzz all day from a pre work run. So hard to get off but soooo worth it... Well done you :)


Well done dan for doing your run the morning after the night before. I normally run on porridge meself.

I hope your job goes well and you can continue your pre dawn runs


Oh yeah, the best days start with a run! I'm a before - work runner too (although not run since Monday due to a cold.. have a hangover atm too!).

Glad you made it out there, hope it continues. And enjoy your long run today :-)

And hope the working business is all right too. It's a pain isn't it, but a necessary evil.

:-) xx


3 K in 16 minutes - that works out to 5k in 26.3 mins - those martinis must've been rocket fuel !!!


I know that feels walking in to work thinking I've done more work in 1 hour than you have all morning! But welcome to the early morning even a vodka fuelled one xxxx


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