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Blisters and insoles

After my 10km race and our epic walk back due to sight seeing in Santiago (no regrets though) i only managed 1 run of 4km last week. I wasn't sure if it was because of the run and walk from sunday or the new trainers. So thought this week take it nice and steady went out Monday - 5km, a bit of a toughie maybe it was too warm or maybe the break from last week had set me back but snails were doing a better job or running than me.

Today i thought right get out there, stop putting it off - the first 3km as always was tough. I always struggle - how do i ever manage to run 5km let alone 10km? Is the thought that crosses my mind often during these first few km. With my target of 6km - i realised at 5km that i felt not too bad, then 6km turned up and i thought i am going to keep going - i felt good but there was grit or sand in my trainer, thought i will stop in a bit. Carried on and got to 7km and thought before i leave this park i better get this out of trainer. I discovered nothing so decided to carry on. I managed 300m when i thought no something is still rubbing, located a bench and pulled off my sock - to find an angry red blister i think from where my insoles were rubbing. Thought ok you can carry on but i decided against this!

I was so frustrated as i just got into a really good rhythm and the temperature was just right 16-18degrees i am guessing. Enjoying the music, enjoying the run everything was right just not my trainers - so on the walk home i thought of AM and her insoles. I have got home and my i have put my insoles from my old trainers into my new ones - fingers crossed this will do the trick. Obviously my anti blister socks are are not up to the job - so will make sure i apply my foot powder every run now which is actually good for keeping the feet dry in this warm weather. Amazing how helpful these freebies are!!

In other running related news - i might not be running my 10km race in december ( i will know by this evening) as i might be going to Uruguay instead. Now i paid $13 000 pesos to enter this race so i am thinking i will still collect my t-shirt. I won't run in it on the streets of Santiago as that would be false advertising but I am thinking no point letting a perfectly good nike running t-shirt go to waste is there? Actually just typing this - i have just thought of a way to do both - maybe hopefully the cheap flight gods will be on side tonight.

Anyway happy running folks !

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Oh good luck with the cheap flight gods Vix, terrible pity if you have to miss the run but deffo worth picking up the t-shirt!


Yeah i thought a t-shirt is a t-shirt.


Sounds like you were really getting into it as well, those pesky blisters. Good luck finding a great deal.


Yeah luckily the insoles aren't glued into the trainer - i am sure they use to glue them in! So hopefully with the insole change and my foot powder i my blister problems might ease.


Oooo sore toes! Bad news :( Hope the new old insoles make all the difference and you don't have anymore shoe issues.

I've got my fingers crossed that you can find some cheap flights so you can make your race in December. It would be such a shame to miss out on wearing your race tee shirt in your home city. Good luck :)


I have to laugh as i was just feeling smug with myself thinking yep i haven't done not too badly with these trainers. Doing the water test did the job and with a bit of research into trainers not bad result. I have tried them on and they feel like my old trainers but not if you know what i mean - so i am hoping the outcome will be good, i will find out saturday.

How are your insoles doing? Hope your having a good running week or good week generally for that matter!

I won't mention it again but i heard back from "that race" they can't transfer me to santiago if i book silverstone but they have said they don't think they will be sold out until way into the new year.

I hope so too!! I am sat here counting down the hours - i don't want to check the price of flights as they have the sneaky habit of increasing in price when you turn your back. I need the OH card to book them (my cards are failing me in Chile at the moment :( )


My knees are still really loving the gel insoles but, for some reason, my glutes are getting a pretty vigorous work out when I run in them, much more so than they do when I run without them. I suppose I shouldn't complain, because it must be doing my butt no end of good but OUCH!! :)

I've only managed one short (3k) run so far since Monday. I've got my Mum staying with me but she's not feeling too well, so don't like to leave her. Hopefully, I'll get out tomorrow before she gets up.

Now, I thought we weren't mentioning 'That' race ;) But it's sooooooo good to know it won't be sold out until well into the new year. I want to go, I want to go, I WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!

Now stay off those flight websites, they plant cookies on your computer and ramp up the prices every time you visit ( or so the conspiracy theorists say!) Haha :D


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