Beware the squizzels

Beware the squizzels

Back to running tomorrow. Yippee. Have taken a week off with minor but blimmin painful back tweak. Meandering along with the longnosedog on a lead, soaking in the wonderful morning air and admiring the view which suddenly turned upside down. Nice sky. Longnose had spotted a squirrel and set off to make urgent enquiries about its availability for dinner and whizzed me around like a bad impersonation of Darcy Bussell impersonating a heffalump in wellies doing a pirouette on a skidpan. Bet DB never ended up in the mud on her situpon.

Anyway, I have been walking around very gingerly like a robot with piles for a week. To add insult to injury, there really isn't any room on the ninjury couch cos the culprit, old longnose, takes up most of it.

I have at least kept to the quest for the last 2 days to walk at least 7k per day until running can recommence but it's not the same is it.

But tomorrow chaps. Tomorrow I'm going over the top for a little joglette to see wos wot. There will be no longnosedogs included on this particular sortie.


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  • Have got stabilisers and am prepared to use them :D Am actually very excited about the prospect of a little run, never thought I would miss it this much!

  • Aw Slookie, I like your pooch , what breed is he/she and whats his/ her name ?

    Look at those crazy legs ha ha .Looks like Bambi On Ice :-D

    Hope you have recovered from your fall , you would've got away with it if it hadn't been for that pesky pooch , hope youre feeling better soon :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy. Doodlebug. He is, wait for it, Saluki (geddit) x whatever made friends with his mum one Friday night behind the bus stop! Probably whippet or greyhound but the jury is out. He is a laugh a minute (apart from the squirrel incident when there were lots of very bad words).

    The fall was fine once I had checked to make sure nobody saw but the corkscrew spinning top thing wasn't so popular in the middle part of Slookieworld. Luckily just a muscle thing so nowt serious.

  • Aw he's fab, love it :-) xxx

  • So my question is...... Did longnosed dog get the squirrel???

  • No, I managed to hang on to the dog cos I hadn't attached the jingle bell of shame to his collar. Lets squirrels/rabbits/deer know he is coming so they have time to attend other urgent appointments before he visits :)

  • Not the BELL of SHAME, how embarrassing for him. Your such a spoilsport....... Glad you weren't hurt too badly and hope tomorrow goes ok for you.

  • Ta ever so DF. Thing is, we have a normus rabbit population in the garden and they seem to go untroubled by either longnose or the littleun. No, these critters just become interesting while we are out on walks.

  • Of course they do, new friends are always number on priority, I have the same problem with my two......

  • Oh dear !! oh the great chase what fun it must be to be a dog. Well done for keeping up the walking - good luck for tomorrow - take it gently :)

  • Thanks Vix. I do look at the longnose one while he is running at full tilt and marvel at how wonderful it must be to feel so fast and elegant. Mainly amazing because he spends most of his life asleep!

  • Ouchy ouch Slookie! Hope your back is ok and only your pride was injured. Longnosedog is very cute but he looks VERY strong. Have you considered harnessing him up to a small cart and riding around courtesy of doggy power! ;) Enjoy your joglette tomorrow. let us know how you get on :)

  • Thanks AM. Pride is very expensive but I think I didn't lose too much cos too early for most peeps to be about. I do hear the squirrel sniggering as I walk past though. Longnose is normally very well behaved on the lead so probably no good for pulling (the littlun though, she's a different wossit altogether - pulls like a tug-o-war winner).

  • Have you considered roller skates?

  • Genius idea. Would need all-terrain ones though. Downside: although going that quick looks beautiful, not sure how it would translate with me being towed behind at c.40mph less drag factor (me, not Danny LaRue). There would be a look of, perhaps, bemused concern as speed picked up. Or sheer naked panic and more very bad words :D

  • I have laughed so much I'm crying

  • Pleased to be of service Jo55 :D

  • Sorry to hear about your mishap and hope you recover quickly.

    Remind me sooooo much of our previous dog. Chelsea was her name and she was a greyhound whippet. The sight or smell of a squirrel and she was off. We found her half way up a tree once (don't ask me how). She drove us mad especially when she took a shortcut through filthy ditches to get to them.... but we forgave her as she also kept them off the bird table!

  • Thanks FrannyFran. 1st 'run' this morning and slowest run I have ever done even including W1 but back seems to be working, so the comeback from nowt to mediocrity is under way! Yeay!

    I think the sighthounds are big feline creatures thinly disguised as dogs. Love whippets, probably my North-Eastern roots :)

  • Glad your run was ok . Anybody who gets off their butts and run is a champion. There is NO mediocrity.

    As for Chelsea, she was brought up with 5 cats and only knew how to be a dog when she saw a squirrel or a hare! ... and she also did take a lot of room on the couch, that is when she wasn't snuggling up on your knees!

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