I'm slacking...help!!!

Helloo!! I feel like I have been slacking off since graduating and wondered if anyone else felt the same? I have still been running three times a week but nowhere near as far as I should be and am getting more knackered than I remember :( I still love it but feel I need the podcasts to spur me on, or at least something or someone to give me a kick up the arse!! I have run on the treadmill a few times and out doors too but have only been managing around 3 miles before I am gasping for breath! HELP!!!!


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  • I felt like this also. a bit lost without a plan to work towards.

    for me I made a goal of getting to 5k, then on trying to reduce my time. I also went back to the week 1 podcast (is great to remember how hard it was) & did interval training, which is where you jog for the walking bits & try to jog a little faster for the jogging bits. it is hard but you really feel great for doing it.

    what are your aims now? do you want to increase your running time? if so then perhaps the Bridge to 10K plan is next?

    I have moved outside recently & am struggling & also feel I need something new so we all get in a bit of a rut sometimes. you just have to focus on that fantastic feeling of accomplishment that comes after a run :)

  • Keep using the week 9 podcast for a while, they don't self-destruct after each run ;-)

    If you watch this space though there is I beleive a 'C25K the sequel' in the making.

  • I know exactly how you are feeling. So if give you a kick will you give me one...KICK!!!!

    I'm going to see how I go tomorrow and then after that may try shelley's idea.

  • KICK! :)

  • Thanks! It worked coz today was ok

  • I'm not really slacking but Wk10 took longer because my piriformis muscle seized up, and I ran the first of Wk11 on Tues and promptly came down with a cold so I missed today's run. I never had these problems before I graduated! At the moment I'm just trying to maintain my Wk9 fitness and pace with three runs a week but I need a goal to run towards.

  • I get what you mean saying you feel a bit lost/uninspired without the podcasts. I think it's a good idea to set yourself some mini goals. I'm aiming to get my 5k time to 30mins or less and then after that I'm going to start B210K podcasts.

    I'd recommend making up some playlists with music you like to run to (if you don't already) I find I really enjoy making up different ones and it's something to look forward to while out running. I've heard of people listening to audio books too.

  • I had got a bit stuck, finding 30 mins difficult despite having graduated, but yesterday just stuck on 101 Running Songs and thought I'd try 35 mins - but ended up going for 5k (as measured by my new Nike+ Sportband) which took me 45 mins (still very slow). I knew I'd pushed myself but it felt a bit like the early weeks of C25K when I was knackered but felt I was making some progress.

    I'm also building up to try a parkrun as people on here (and on the parkrun website) keep saying they achieve a better time each time they try it.

    PS I had to run for a train this morning and it didn't bother me at all!!

  • Thanks all, It's good to know I'm not alone! I went to the gym this morning, bright and early...bloody packed, how dare they use ALL the treadmills?!! I had to use the bike instead and managed 34 minutes, I suppose it's better than not going at all. I am going to keep up my 3 runs a week and aim for a good 5k time, The easter half term has not helped, I usually go when the kids are at school ( very inconsiderate of these schools). so thanks again and I'll keep at it :)

  • I have just come across the audiofuel downloads and I wish I had done them when i finished the nine weeks with Laura. they are really helpful with improving pace etc. but more importantly there is someone telling me what to do which I seem to like!

    It's just so good having some direction at the 5k stage I think, and I can really understand that you feel not much progress is being made. It is a bit of a hard slog for a while but then you'll feel it start to get easier and you'll feel fitter and ready for another challenge!

    I know they cost money, but the new podcasts that the NHS are going to bring out are audiofuel and I guess that they will be free downloads again.

  • I am also slacking! The Easter hols have definitely not helped me - it's much harder to fit in with the kids at home. I am not feeling particularly inspired at all. Yesterday I tried a new route and that helped a bit, although there were some horrific hills so I didn't manage the 5k. Trying again tomorrow..... I'm hoping that at some point it starts to feel easier and I don't feel like I'm going to throw up or collapse in a heap.

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