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Week8 r3 done but thigh pain - anyone else? :(

Hi There,

I am 3 runs off my graduation badge and I am really excited! I have actually been enjoying my runs but the last 2, my inner thighs ( groin?) have really been hurting:( It is really concerning me now. I am resting on the rest days ( not fit to do anything else to be honest) and having epsom salt baths... but my thighs are still causing me pain.... they were still a tad sore when I went for last night's run but not so painful I thought I shouldn't run.

Am wondering if it is becuase my fitness levels weren't that great to start with? Also, someone has asked if I have had a gait analysis done- I haven't, so wonder if this is worth doing and if anyone else has had it done and would they recommend it?

Any advice appreciated at all - don't want to stop running :(

Beth x

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Hi Beth,

Congratulations with having come so far!

Easy question first. It is definitely worth going to a specialist running shop and have a gait analysis done. Ask plenty of questions and get as much information out of the sales assistant as you can. But don't feel obliged to buy the expensive pair of shoes he recommends - once you know more about your gait, you can do your own research online and find out whether the recommended pair is a decent price.

More complicated question. Yes, it might be due to your muscles developing that they now hurt. Having said that, there is a fine line between muscle ache and genuine pain. Only you know where you are on that scale, but if it's closer to pain than to ache, then you might need to consider going to either a doctor or a physio therapist to be checked. If it's more like ache, then try RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate). A pack of frozen peas (wrapped in a towel) against the aching muscle is good.

Enjoy your continued running


I think your suspicion about your overall fitness level will be right. Running uses a lot of muscles and if you were not that fit to start with - are any of us! -- then it can take it out of you

I don't think you necessarily need to get gait analysis done to buy some neutral running shoes. Most neutral shoes are well cushioned and have gel in the heels to cushion your running. If you can get your gait done then all well and good as it's free. Don't be bullied into forking out £45 for insoles though!

Rest up for a couple more days if needs be so you are ok to run the remaining runs. Ibufren last thing before turning is would be a good plan

Let us know how you get on


Ouch! Can't comment on the pain or suggest any remedy other than to hope it goes away soon, especially as you are soooooo close to the last run. I had a (free) gait analysis done at Run and Become and it was definitely worth the trouble. I now have a pair of modestly priced trainers which I can honestly say are the most comfortable footwear I have ever had. They do seem to know which foot shape will fit which shoe Cinders.

Check your ordinary outdoor shoes for even or uneven wear on the heels and soles. Might give an indication of straightness?


Thanks folks:) Have ice in the feezer ready to wrap round my thighs ( oh the indignity of it all!) - many thanks for the RICE advice Tomas.

I have actually had a look online and done a 'soggy foot test' ( much to my children's amusement) and I under pronate by quite a bit- I know all my shoes wear so much on the outside Slookie - am not sure exactly how much difference wearing a neutral running shoe would make when i should be wearing one for high arched folk- ( but there must be something in it or it gaitr analysis wouldn't exist!) but it is certainly worth getting checked out- it is just finding the time *sigh*

I would like to do a park run on Saturday- just nice and steady and slow- so am going to rest up today AND tomorrow. I definitely think I may be trying to do too much - ( I realised last night that i was meant to have run for 28 minutes but the first time I looked down at my watch it said 34 minutes had passed ...don't know how much difference a few minutes may make to muscle ache but maybe that has something to do with it ? ) but then I feel pathetic as I know some folks are cross training and going to the gym and allsorts aswell as c25k and it seems to be finishing me off just doing c25k lol! Ahh well, we are all different- slow and steady for me I think :)

Many thanks again am heading for the ice and tea towel ;)


Don't underestimate the value of stretching after a run and also on non-run days - quads, hams, calves and hip flexors. You may well need more than a neutral shoe if the wear on your shoes is that obvious, so gait analysis could be useful.

good luck!


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