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B210K - Has anyone else followed Race for Life 10k intermediate plan to get to 10k?

Worried that the plan's not tough enough. It seems (on paper!) a lot easier than the Samantha B210K podcasts on here which I've also had a look at.

Here's the plan:


I'm following it as it's a 6 week plan and that fits nicely with my race date. I would like to do it in under 90 minutes, but really just be happy to run/jog the whole thing (no walking).

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That plan is very similar to the one I got from Macmillan Cancer Support (I'm doing a 10k on 8th June). I've not followed it at all, I started off doing Samantha's B210K, but by week 3 I was finding it too much, so for the last month I've been doing 1 steady 5k, a Parkrun and a long run each week. I increased the distance of the long run each week, and made it to 10k a couple of weeks ago. This Monday was my 3rd time of running 10k and I feel my legs are more used to it now, I'll be ready for a run tomorrow, where as last week I took a 2 day rest after running 10k.


Yeah the Samantha one scared me a bit, not having run over winter I don't think I'm up to that. Think you're right, the key one to increase is the long run. I defo want to do the full distance before the day so seems a bit strange that's not in the plan.


I note that you're a graduate, if your already doing 30 min runs then the first three weeks of the plan might not be required. Which would allow you to keep building up, to get you closer to the length of the race, so add 10% in weeks 7-9 (in effect your week 4-6)


Hi Phil. Yes, I'm a graduate but didn't run over winter :(. I walk 20 mins to and from work each day so hope that's going to help too.


Which RfL 10 k are you doing? I've signed up for Edinburgh.

I agree it doesn't look hard enough. I'm sort of following it but I'm also doing the 5x50 so I'm doing more than 3 runs a week. I'm trying to do some normal runs, some fast runs (which when I check out on Endomondo aren't fast at all!) and some longer runs each week. I think the key thing is to build up time because I guess that just working up to running for a bit over an hour might get me round 10k. on the day.

I'm going to try to fit in a run on the route before the day. I've done the 5k before and there's a nasty hill at the start and I'm not sure how I'll feel this time getting to the 4k mark and realising that I've got to take a 5k detour! However, i know I can do 5k pretty comfortably now so I needed the challenge.


I'm doing the Bedford one. Luckily, completely flat!

Yes, I might add a bit of extra time to the longer ones. I'm running every second day so slightly more than 3 times a week.


I'm doing a RfL 10K on 22nd June. I'm using the ease into 10K podcast. Like Phil suggests I skipped through the first 2 weeks and picked it up proper from week 3. I was planning to complete the programme a couple of weeks or so before the 10K to give myself time to consolidate, but am struggling a little with a calf niggle so am glad I've got the spare days leeway.


Yes, I wish I'd thought of doing it earlier so that I'd have more time to prepare. No leeway in my plan!


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