It's been a slow old year for me work wise this year. 2014 will not be remembered for an outstanding year for earnings - but it WILL stand out as the year that my running really made such a huge difference to my life. Without my running I'd not have had many achievements to sing about. But PB's for 3,5 and 10K's as well a single fastest kilometre (a very chest puffing out'ish 4'18 secs if you please!) have made up for the fact that for every £1 I wasn't earning, every single step was making me fitter and healthier!

But all is to change - for next Monday a new contract has has come my way which will last until the end of winter, which means my running will be early mornings - instead of the very relaxed 10.30am / 11am starts I'd been doing!! I don't mind though, as I've run before in the dark mornings. It's not my favourite time to run I must say, but it's better than nowt. My plan is to revert back to my Work / Run routine of last year with me tonking out the front door by 6.30am. Shower at 7.11am. Breakfast porridge at 7.37am. Wheel scooter out onto road / get bike gear on 7.56am. On the road by 8.03am. Arrive work 8.48am (give or take a minute or two).

BUt this morning was my final late morning run - my usual 7K along the Thames to Twickenham. Leaves are now firmly stuck to the path making a brown, gloopy covering. The air temp was amazingly mild and it wasn't long before sweat was dripping off my face. I even got a few smiles from other runners this morning which was very pleasant. The only slight anomaly this morning was fashion based. I was kitted out completely in black today - black nike running top and black running tights, but WHITE asics! I'd crammed my phone into the tiny zipped pocket at the back of my running tights and was only aware that they were slipping DOWN after about 5K! I felt like one of those skinny teenage boys that wear their trousers so low down, the waist is around their knees and their repugnant boxer short tops are on display! Obviously MY shorts were staying firmly in place because there is SO much lycra sewn onto them, they grip me like bloody limpets. But the tights? They were heading slowly SOUTH, thereby exposing my lycra clad derriere more than I'd have wished. I hitched the blighters up and kept going, but sure enough by 7K which was the end of my run, they'd slipped down again. Might have to throw those ones out, because my other 3 pairs stay in position EVERY TIME!! That was the only eventful thing about my run this morning.

Was a bit annoyed at my time - 40'22 - because I can usually do the entire run in under 40 mins. But at least I did it and enjoyed it (apart from the "Bum Show").

So I shall most likely be less frequent on here, what with the new gig and everything but I will endeavour to write now and again.

Take care all and see you soon.



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37 Replies

  • Congratulations with the new contract, Dan! That's excellent news. I hope you'll enjoy your future early morning runs, and hope to see some of your posts in the future as well - they're always a great read!

  • Cheers Tomas!

  • Oh thank you, that gave me such a laugh! I'm glad other people have wardrobe disasters. I've had a slow few months work-wise too, & also am just about to enter a new busy phase, so am totally with you. Feels great to have at least made progress in running & fitness doesn't it, keeps you sane!! Well done on your progress & congrats on the new job/work. It sounds like you have got a firm plan in place for your new running routine & I look forward to hearing how it goes, even if it has to be less frequently. Good luck!

  • Good luck with the new job Dan. I hope it doesn't put too big a crimp on your running schedule

  • Thanks MW.

  • I made you laugh! HOORAY!!! Thanks for your kind words MP. Life is one big rollercoaster aint it? Didn't somebody sing a song about that???

  • Congratulations on the new job, that's brilliant news! Enjoy your early morning runs -the best time for running IMHO, and don't forget to find time to post your continuing running successes. I have had similar wardrobe malfunctions myself, so you have my sympathies :)

  • I'm going to find it hard to rise in the morning so early after my months of being a mega slob. However at least at that time of the morning there won't be anyone to see me hoiking my kecks up!!

  • Congrats on the new work Dan & MP, if either of you see any work without a home, please point it in my direction! There's times when being self employed/freelance is tough going, but I wouldn't swap it for the world.

    Happy Running all.

  • Ah the old freelance question! Is it worth it? Or is it a bloomin pain in the arris? I've been freelance for so long, I'm sure if I had a normal 9-5 job I may go insane. I think the best thing about being freelance is that whatever treadmill you're on - you know it's going to stop at some point!

  • He He well done Dan. Good luck with your new contract. Now how can I remove the images you've put in my mind - must be time for beer ;-)

  • Synchronicity. I'm actually supping a beer right now!

    Thanks GF!

  • Superb

  • Hope the work's good Dan and enjoy your morning runs. Aw I had a vision of you running with braces then!Pleeeese don't go too long without keeping us entertained- love your posts! x :-D :-D ;-)

  • That's incredibly nice of you to say n-e. Thanks!

  • Wonderful post! Made me chuckle. I'm so glad you have a new contract, it's no fun being skint all the time. I love early morning runs, I know you'll get used to them :)

  • Oh yes, I'm no stranger to them. My first year of running was made up almost entirely of 6.30am starts! But I have been spoiled by going out after the schools start which is BLISSFUL!

  • Good news Dan, its the pits being skint. All the very best in your new job, I love your posts, they really make me laugh and just think , a small part of Middlesex had a good view of your 'arris this morning ha ha :-) xxx

  • Hadn't thought of that? Lucky people eh!!!

  • Many congratulations on the contract, that will be a relief to you. Get the tights in the bin, plenty full moons around already. Haha I am also glad to read that you have another bike to get around. Hope all goes well for you in the new job. Best wishes to you and Mrs Dan

  • Thanks for your best wishes mossy1. And I managed to get mobile on two wheels again despite (as you know) having TWO scooters stolen in the summer!

  • Enjoy the new job - don't forget we need at least a weekly dose of DZ on here.

  • Haha! OK c4ts. You gotta deal!

  • Congrats on the contract. Annoying when your pants head south, had the same problem but in the middle of a race due to the extra stuff I'd rammed in the back pockets vs training runs, pain in the a** it was ;)

  • Hahaha! I may just sling these ones out. I have others that are far more industrial in strength!

  • brilliant news...and what a very specific it always bang on the time? I am impressed!!!

  • The schedule is EXACTLY delivered on time, although as a man who is prone to exaggeration I reserve the right to change it by 5 or 10 minutes each way!!!

  • Snap. Similar experience with black Lycra. I bought black Lycra from Sainsbury last month. First time on and very comfy was yesterday. I forgot about everything as I kept having to hitch them up every 500 m or so as I didn't think other runners and dog walkers wanted a flash of my pink pants underneath. These black Lycra are now for the charity shop. Smaller size alert. A welcome by product of C25k.

  • Pink pants! Now there's a thought.....

  • Great news re the job, Dan! No doubt you'll enjoy it while continuing to rock the runs!!

  • thanks tomlertoos.

  • Congratulations on the job news Dan. Should take away some worries for a whilr.

    The early morning runs

    aint so bad.. well ok, the actual hauling oneself out of bed isn't so great, but once out there it's great. You'll have to remember to high-vis yourself up mind you (although the clock change this weekend should help). I'm going to have a cheeky additional day light run a bit later today - being as I'm usually out at 6am it will make a nice change for me :-)

    So good luck with the job and the very exacting timetable :-) xx

  • Tally ho PA! I have an electric neon yellow top to wear so will be visible from 1000 yards!

  • So delighted about the new job Dan but please don't be a stranger! We all love your posts and I'm sure you'll come up with a few early morning tales to keep us entertained. All the best x

  • You can count on me! Thanks for your kind words. :-)

  • Good news on the work front a Super Dan! Not so good on the tights though. Keep on running!

  • That's good news on the contract. well done I started the Cto5K after starting anew job believe it or not you will find a way to fit it in, straight after work and before anything to eat in the evening seems to work for me.

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