Last time we spoke I was in a bit of Knee Niggle Hell, but it has since calmed down to normal behaviour. However I haven't run for 7 days which for me is a long time, but I'm sure that the rest has helped healing. Not that I'd have had a chance to run anyway, owing to having to be at work at 7.30am and then home by 8pm. Nightmare daaahhhliiing! But that's showbiz I guess.

So hopefully this Saturday morning should see me tonking out a nifty 7K along the river. Really looking forward to it too. When I was riding home last night through Barnes and Mortlake (both riverside towns) I got jealous seeing all the runners bashing out their K's with gay abandon along the Thames. Good luck to them all I say!

I'm off to Cornwall to stay with the in laws for a few days from Saturday, so I'm gonna bring my running shoes and lycra budgie smuggler tights with me too, just in case I get the urge (so to speak). Don't want to scare my Mum in law, so have to be careful of rampant strutting!

Ok, back to work I go.....

Happy running to you all.


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  • 'Budgie Smuggler Tights'!!! I'm guffawing now, Dan!! Go carefully on that poor knee and enjoy Cornwall- t sounds like you could do with some time away. (Perhaps you could wear a skirt over the top so as not to frighten or worry Mrs Dan's mum!!

  • Thanks Flossie. Luckily Mrs Dans Mum is well versed in my unusual behaviour!

  • I'm sure you'll be ticke-de-booh after 7 days rest. Enjoy the Saturday run along the river.

    As someone who lives next to a canal with a lovely path running along it, I'm envious of people living close to the Thames Path. Like everything down south, it is lovely :)

  • Hello Dan, curious where in Cornwall, do I remember its Gwithian way ?

  • It's Saltash - just a stones throw from the Tamar Bridge!

  • lovely part but all Cornwall is

  • I hope you soon feel better Dan and find your former running prowess in Cornwall. Pull your tee shirt well down and you'll not alarm the rellies!

  • I think the only thing likely to be horrified at my lycra covered posterior are some local cows and the odd sheep.... :-)

  • Take it easy now. You don't want to scare the locals!

  • Don't worry......they'll be fine!

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